Have you ever wondered how the world under water looks like? Of course you have. Almost everyone dreams of exploring the underwater world with their own eyes and witnessing what beauty nature has to offer even under water.

Over the years, I have always thought of scuba diving because that is the only possible way I could ever get a chance to explore the world beneath us.

App NameCost Featured System
PADI – EssentialsFree Click to read IOS and Android
Deepblu Free Click to read IOS and Android
Dive Log 13.99$ Click to read IOS Only
iDeco Pro 8.99$ Click to read IOS Only
Scuba Exam 3.99$ Click to read IOS and Android
Trip Whistle Global SOS Free Click to read IOS Only
DIVE Magazine Free Click to read IOS and Android
MarineDebrisTracker Free Click to read IOS and Android
Real Tides 6.99$ Click to read IOS Only
Trip Whistle Global
Free Click to read IOS Only
V-Planner 44.99 Click to read IOS and Android

But since you can’t just buy yourself the scuba diving gear and jump right into the water thus I had to look for a reputable place that offered scuba diving lesson near me.

For more useful, you can install the best dive log software in your android /iPhone make your dive always saved!

At first I thought of simply searching on the internet and checking out different places one and by one to figure out which one I trusted the most with my scuba diving certification but then I friend of mine who is a certified scuba diver told me that there are special applications for scuba diving that you can download on your smart devices.

I was quite astonished to find out how much interest people showed towards scuba diving as I thought that I only a handful of people might be interested in learning the skill but I was wrong. So I started my research and found out about the best applications that were perfect for scuba divers as they offered a number of features including a map that located all the registered scuba diving lessons in a place.

Using these apps have helped me over my training so much and even after that as well because they are equipped with quite a lot of features that come in handy at some point. Instead of search on the internet you can simply use these scuba diving applications to get answers to all your scuba related problems.

Best Scuba Diving Sites and Apps

While I was doing my research, I found out these top 10 best scuba diving applications that did wonders for me. I hope that they do the same for you and you get to have the same ease and comfort when it comes to locating lesson near you as I did. So let us go ahead and look at the best sites and app.

PADI – Scuba Diving Essentials

PADI is the best scuba diving app that you can find over the internet. The application is compatible with both IOS and Android but in case you want to access the features on your computer then you can visit the official site of PADI as well.

The application comes with a number of scuba diving related features but the best feature of the app is that it allows you to easily locate the scuba diving centers near your location without any hassle. You can also look up diving sites and get the new updates on scuba diving in the app.


Deepblu is another creative and versatile scuba diving application that provides the users with almost everything related to scuba diving that they desires.

You can use the application to book your diving vacation, look up local shops, book your diving tours, locate diving centers and also connect with the local and worldwide diving community through the app.

The best thing is that the application is totally free to use so you can easily figure out all your diving plans on your IOS and Android devices since it is compatible with both. It is the best app for booking dives before you even reach the destination.

iDeco Pro

If you are looking for the complete dive planner then iDeco Pro is your best choice. Since the app offers much more than the free apps thus it comes at a price of $7.99.

But you can try the free version as well if you don’t want the advanced features. It is best for planning your diving lessons, looking for diving sites, CNS tracking, surface interval tracking and so much more.

Dive Log

Divers love to log their experiences. Well if you are looking for your person digital diving journal then Dive log is the best thing for you.

You can keep a record of all your diving lessons, diving sites, your weight or the depth every time you dive and so much more. The app does come at a price and is only available for IOS so Android users might have to get something else.

Scuba Exam

Scuba Exam is a great application of divers who want to brush up on their theory and prepare for the Scuba Diver Theory exam.

Passing the practical exam for the certification is easy but learning about all the rules and regulations can get quite boring.

You can locate your scuba diving centers and prepare for the exam online with multiple test and quizzes. The application is not free but it is available for both IOS and Android so you can use it to refresh your knowledge.

DIVE Magazine

The Dive Magazine was launched around 15 years ago and it included everything that happened around the globe related to scuba diving.

Now the best thing is that it is available digitally as well in the form of an app so that you can stay up to date with all at the news.

Plus you can also find out about the best scuba diving lesson centers near you from the magazine if you regularly read it.


This is the perfect application for the Eco-friendly divers who can want to make sure that the underwater area remains safe and healthy for the species living there.

The app allows you to log the location of the area where you find marine debris so that someone can clean it up later.

Real Tides

Real Tides is a great measuring application. The best feature of the app is that it allows you to calculate real time tides at any location in the world.

You won’t have to work with the longitudes and the latitudes to get accurate data. You can use your GPS to get everything done. But the thing is that it is only available for IOS.

Trip Whistle Global SOS

There are more than 200 countries in the world with Scuba Diving sites and divers almost travel to all of them. But no matter how much of a professional you are, you might need help at some point. Thus this app provides you with all the scuba diving helplines that you need and you can dial the number directly from the app as well.


V-Planner is the best scuba diving application for the professionals. Well the beginners can also benefit from it but they would hardly understand all the technical scuba diving terms that are on the app.

So you can use the app for hardcore technical diver and different planning methods. Since it is a high tech app thus it doesn’t come free but the good thing is that it is available for both IOS and Android so you can use it on any device.

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