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Scuba diving has always been my dream and one day I just woke up and decided to work on that dream by investing in some Scuba diving gear because a diver friend of mine told me that I need to have my own gear if I want to commit to the sport.

So I took some of his help and decided to do some research on my own as well in order to get a good scuba diving gear so that it can last long because when I checked the prices they were quite high. So I wanted to invest in something that would last longer.

I searched for the diving shops near me on the internet and I asked around as well and got the gear that I wanted. It was perfect but I couldn’t carry it with me everywhere ,

I traveled so in order to enjoy scuba diving at different sites I had to look up different shops where I could get the stuff for rent.

At first it was quite hard but then I found out certain locator apps and sites that helped me search for the best scuba diving shops near me. So let me share them with you as well so that you can also enjoy scuba diving at every location no matter where you are in the world.

PADI – Scuba Diving Essentials

When I first started to do my research on diving, PADI was the first app that popped up in my Google search results and after that no matter what I searched about diving, it was always the first to pop up. So I tested it out and found it to be the best app for divers.

You can use the app for looking up diving centers, resorts and sites along with the diving shops in the area. No matter where you are in the world, the app covers every corner you go.


This is one of the best diving apps. The application is filled with all the information related to diving which makes it easy for the divers around the globe to search for everything in one place.

You can use the app for booking dives, finding nearby diving sites, looking up diving shops and communicating with the diver’s community around the globe.

Nearby Places

Nearby places is another great app that everyone keeps talking about when it comes to locating the best places nearby you.

It is one of the very first apps that were introduced for locating places in a certain location. You can search for the nearby diving shops and the app will provide you with the list of the places if there are any registered.

You can get the directions to them as well within the app as well.

Google Maps

We all have heard about Google Maps and the Android users most probably have it on their device as well. I mean I do and I never travel anywhere without looking at the location or the directions on Google Maps.

The thing about Google Maps is that it is certified and trustworthy. I have been using the app to locate the nearest diving shops in my area or anywhere I travel for the vacations.

Around Me

Around Me a versatile locator app that works wonders on both IOS and Android. The app comes with different categories. You can choose the one that you are looking for and search for the places related to it nearby your location.

You can easily search for the diving shops in your area under the sports category and save your spots as favorites.

Places Near me

This is one of the best navigation tools for people who love to travel around the globe and explore different cities and towns. You can easily use the application to locate almost everything around you.

The app has data from almost every country on the world map so no matter where you are, you can easily get directions to the nearest diving shops in your location.

Not only does it provide directions but it also gives business details so that you can choose the best store in town.

Find Near me

Find Near Me is one of our top picks because the app is equipped with so much data that you can get the addresses of the smallest of the locations in town.

The best thing is that instead of searching throughout the place, the app allows you to customize your area so that you only get data related to that specific location.

This will make it quite easy for you to locate the stores that you are looking for.

What’s Around Me

This is one of the simplest locator apps on the internet. It comes with an easy to use, user-friendly GUI that makes it easy for the users to use it without any technical difficulties.

You can easily use it like a regular map. Simply search for the place that you are looking for and once you have it ask for the direct directions and you will have them in no time.


Tagwhat is a wonderful app that is equipped with the ability to help you find almost everything that you are looking for in your area.

You can use the application to look for shops, restaurants, supermarkets and so much more.

The best thing is that the app also has updated deals that the nearby places are offering to their customers so if there are any deals for scuba diving gear around you, the app will automatically notify you about it so that you can save some extra bucks.


Nudge is one of the best apps to find out about the sporting activities happening around you.

The only thing about Nudge that most users do not like is that it is still in the developing stage and is only available for US and UK whereas they are trying to add more places to the app.

You can easily find out about the scuba diving shops near you along with the scuba diving sites in the area as well.

you can use it to find cool spots finding any hassle.

App NameCostFeaturedSystem
PADI – EssentialsFreeClick to readIOS and Android
DeepbluFreeClick to readIOS and Android
Nearby PlacesFreeClick to read IOS and Android
Google MapsFreeClick to read IOS and Android
Around Me FreeClick to readIOS and Android
Places Near meFreeClick to read IOS and Android
Find Near meFreeClick to readIOS and Android
What’s Around MeFreeClick to readIOS and Android
TagwhatFreeClick to read IOS and Android
NudgeFreeClick to readIOS and Android

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