12 truly most beautiful sea creatures only diver can see it live

Before I visited a real dive sport I really thought I knew the fun that comes with scuba diving. I came to realize the adventure in scuba diving when I made my first visit to a dive spot, getting a chance to explore crazy depths and amazing sea creatures was such an adventure. Since then I have visited quite a lot dive spot and the feeling has always been amazing.

If you are reading this, you are probably not dead. How lucky are you! It could be very frustrating if you left this world before visiting these dive sports, as a scuba diver, a good dive spot is all you really need to explore all limits of adventure.

You can’t imagine missing to explore these breath-taking depths, the life that exists underwater, the mysterious kinds of fish among other oceanic features. Well am quite sure you don’t want to miss that, for you to really get into this really fun, you need to carefully choose the best dive spot. In this article, I am going to outline the best ten dive spots that you will not regret when you visit them for your recreational reasons.

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1.Gili islands

Gili Trawangan from Lu Mo on Vimeo.

Gili Island is actually not just one island but a group of three, it is located in Indonesia. This is a dive spot you wouldn’t really want to miss out on your list of a must-reach dive spots. First and foremost the first impression is very good; Gili Island is one of the best dive spots in the world greatly known for its marine life which keeps drawing the divers. The spot has very many types of fish and sea snakes and even big fish like a shark. This is actually the spot you must visit as a scuba diver.

12 best Dives Spots You Should Explorer Before You Die

Gili Island is actually not just one island but a group of three
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what is the best time of years to visite Gili islands for diving

will if you have been thinking about your next scuba diving distination the Gili three islands in lombok located on indoniseia could be amazing idea and for that you should take consider when you chosing the best time for that could be between September to November befor packed with tourists

usually these islands peaked with tourist seasons are July-August and December-January.

what type creature sea could sea in Gili islands

is Gili islands have clear water for dive

how is the weather in gili islands

dont warry about the weather when you decide to pick these dive spot it have tropical weather in ( July-August and December-January) you will get great dive experment in these month

if you wnt to avoide reany seasons just dont go dive from  November to April.

what type of wetsuit i need for gili island diving

2. Barracuda point

12 best Dives Spots You Should Explorer Before You Die - Barracuda point
Barracuda point sea creature

This one of the very best diving spots located on Sipadan Island in Malaysia. This spot has the biggest variety of marine life which includes sharks, buffalo fish among other very many types. However, the dive site commonly faces strong currents and so it will need a high level of expertise when you decide to visit here. Here is where you can gain a lot of experience since it has a drop off which is eight hundred meters high. The water is very clear which allows you to see clearly all the sea creatures that are available in great number.

3.The Yongala

12 best Dives Spots You Should Explorer Before You Die - The Yongala
The Yongala coral reef

This is another quite famous dive spot. It is located in Australia, it is very well known for its wreck and a variety of sea life that makes it one of the best dive destinations you would want to visit as a scuba diver. The yongala also has great coral formations which attract many divers.

4.Liberty wreck

12 best Dives Spots You Should Explorer Before You Die - Liberty wreck

If you want to experience the real diving fun regardless of your level then you need to visit liberty wreck. It is located in Bali, Indonesia. The spot is very calm, there is no current at all and the water is very clear, this makes it suitable for everyone even for beginners. Liberty wreck has a wreck which is amazing for divers.

5.Blue hole

12 best Dives Spots You Should Explorer Before You Die - Blue hole

this is one of the most amazing dive spots in the world. The appearance from a distance is so amazing, it was actually once named the best dive site in the world, it has a sinkhole which is 125 meters deep and 300 meters in diameter. The hole has very clear water that makes it easy to see the sea animals. This is actually one dive spot you can’t miss to visit as a diver.

6.Cape kri

12 best Dives Spots You Should Explorer Before You Die - Cape kri

This is a diving spot found in Raja Impact in Indonesia, the spot is one of the most amazing diving spots in  the world, it is where you find  the amazing coral garden not forgetting the widest variety of marine creatures like sharksBarracudas among others, it is estimated that this diving spot supports over 370 different types of fish. This is definitely the spot you don’t want to miss out.

7. Durban

12 best Dives Spots You Should Explorer Before You Die - Durban 

Durban is the diving site found in South Africa. If you really admire to take your diving adventure to another level, then you need to try out Durban spot. It is well known for its variety of sharks. Furthermore, the diving instructors here can easily organize for a baited dive, this means that they will try to bait the creatures, mostly sharks so that divers can get to look at them at a closer range.

8.Easter island

12 best Dives Spots You Should Explorer Before You Die - Easter island

this is found in Chile, this is the most private and free from noise island which makes it the best destination to go for diving. It is the best in terms of visibility of the waters, up to over 150 feet visible. In this place there are more than just 150 species of marine animals are significantly known for having wells which you will pass over them several as you dive.


12 best Dives Spots You Should Explorer Before You Die -Bodrum

Bodrum is a very calm coast found in turkey, it contains very many bays which are so good for diving, it has high rising walls which are over 100 feet in height which makes diving fun. The bays contain marine creatures through what makes it more unique is the hollow rock that strategically stands deep into the waters. This would definitely make a good spot to take your diving adventures to.

10.Manta ray night dive.

12 best Dives Spots You Should Explorer Before You Die -Manta ray night dive.

This is a night dive found in Hawaii. It has lights which are fixed down the floor of the ocean that plays a big role in attracting the creatures of the ocean, this makes it almost sure that you will meet very big animals and a lot of variety due to the attraction at the bed of the ocean. This makes it a destination you really wouldn’t want to miss to take there your diving adventures.

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