A lot of people that have never dived before in their entire life, probably love or wish to dive because they have seen a friend of their dive and they love the amazing pictures that such friends too, but the sincere fact is that those that are novelty to the diving world do not actually know that people get certified before they are allowed to scuba dive in the open waters.

It takes a lot of rigorous exercise to be a professional scuba diver. Hence it is apt to say that when you see professional scuba divers, they have actually paid their prices to get to that phase in their life.

It might also please you to know that people that scuba dive actually go for extensive trainings and this trainings are done with a certified agency that regulate Scuba diving experiences.

The implication of going to the scuba diving classes is that when they delve into the open world waters they do not end up endangering their lives like other people who risk their lives without having to get the adequate training, and they also understand how it is that they need to fill their tanks before they delve into the deep.

In light of the above, many people have asked the question that regards the timing as regards the certification for diving activities and this is the reason for this article

The perfect timing and when it is that one can get certified

A lot of people say that they know all that there is about scuba diving but when it comes to shopping for their next scuba experience, they do not understand those gears that they need for the purpose of scuba diving.

While this is the case, it is worthy of mention to note that for the apt scuba diving experience, you need to have the kind of gears that makes it convenient to dive under water.

This amongst many others are some of the things that you would learn during those certification classes, and this means that you become a better diver when you become certified.

Also, you know that you are ready for the open water diving when you know when you are in the right shape for scuba diving.

When people dive into the sea, some people do not actually understand that it takes a doctor’s report for you to understand when you should scuba dive and this is all a part of the training.

During the certification training, people would learn about how to swim and this includes the phase where they get to swim for 200 yards using the stroke that they love to use.

When they are perfect with this training, it is when the director knows that you are ready for the many other phases that precede the open water diving.

When it comes to the trainings for scuba diving, it should be noted that there are four parts for the training. The first part is the part where you deal with the book work, the second is where you deal with the written exams which demonstrates the fact that you know what you are doing, the pool training and then the open water dives.

The easiest stage here is the first stage which is the book work stage, and this stage can be taken in a class or online. This helps you learn the basics of the scuba diving act.

What time frame does it take to get the scuba diving certification?

Basically, the amount of time that it takes to get your scuba diving certificate depends on the area and the venue where you are getting the training.

There are times when if you chose a considerate training center, you would be able to get your book work and pool work in one weekend and this is where you make the difference. These two phases are the phases that involve rigorous reading.

As a matter of fact, if you do not have a prior knowledge of the recreation act, it would be better not to expect so much in a short space of time because it might get all difficult at some point in time.

Approximately for those that want to become professional scuba divers, it would be best to expect a time frame of at least 6 weeks. In the practice of this sports, it would be best not to think about the time spent but the impact which the time spent on the trainings have caused.

Many people want to become awesome scuba divers and this caused them so much on their open water diving because they didn’t take their time to learn the basics of the act.

It should be noted that when we talk about the open water dives, this is usually done within two days and it is then that it can be said that you have become an expert.

As a matter of fact, while the open water dive makes you seem like an expert, it is the many years of experience that makes you a better and more professional scuba diver.

Usually, it is about four to five open water dives that totally qualifies you as a professional scuba diver who is ready to test the open waters. It is the open water dives that you have completed within due time that makes you earn your referrals and this is why people are always trying as much to do better with their open water dives


Scuba diving and scuba diving certification have gone a long way. People that indulge in the act must understand that it is always better to get certified irrespective of the time that it might take.

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