Best Deal Sites : 5 Sites Booking Save Me Hundreds Dollars

Scuba diving is the best activity for active people who like adventure and fun and trill in their live.

It is the experience which not only takes you to the whole new world, the below sea level terrain which opens a new dimension for you to explore also you get a new bunch of friends.

No doubt it is one of the coolest activities but many people don’t opt for it because they consider it be out of their range and an expensive sport.

So even if they want to go for scuba dive, they hesitate for the sake of over spending. But that is not the case now.

If you are planning your holiday to go for scuba diving just hang in there because today, I am going to tell you 5 best booking sites where you can get best packages and bookings and can save hundreds of dollars.

Let’s see which are those sites.


It is a well-known place for scuba diving in Thailand. It is not famous just for the diving site but also it is considered to be one of the best and the cheapest scuba diving places one can visit.

It is not a very big island but still if you go there you can find a number as large as 50 or above dive ships that provide you all kind of assistance. Not just that because of the cheap rates it is a documented highest certified diver producing island in the world.

The cheap diving courses makes it an affordable and preferable site but also the travelling, beaches, beers and other living requirements are cheap too that makes one tour quite affordable.

The dives ranges from $ 26 for a single fun dive and $288 for open water diving course. Isn’t it the cheap?


Caribbean is also of the cheap diving sites in the world. The best part about the Caribbean is that you get a number of deals throughout the diving season which makes it a very cheap experience.

A number of combines offer you different deal packages comprising of stays in 5-star hotels, sit seeing, food accommodation along with the diving course itself. So, you get a number of options to choose from.

Such as there is company named scuba diving caradonna that offers you package of $923 pp/dB and it includes 7 nights stay, 11 boat dives.

Unlimited shore diving, breakfast, airport transport, WIFI, hotel tax and service charges, free nitrox etc. that’s a cool deal. Nay? 


It is another place which is not at all expensive and one can easily save hundreds of dollars by choosing it as the destination diving site.

Not just being cheap the sea life it offers to its divers is just he next level experience. There are a number of packages available for this site as well.

As there is a package where if you spend 4 nights you get the 5th night free! It includes 4 Nights and 3 Days Diving experience, Lodging, Continental Breakfast, free wireless internet, cable TV, phone etc. and after completion of 4 nights you get the 5th one free. And too only in $795 dbl. sounds great?


 Dahab is considered the backpacking hub of Egypt’s coastline. It lets you approach and experience the red sea and the reefs in the depth of it. Though it sounds expensive and costly but it actually is not.

Infact is considered the low budget diver’s ultimate friend and a dream place. because it provides you with the best experience and that too in very little price. What else do one need? right? the famous sites include the places of blue hole, while topside which are world famous among the divers.

There are so much more to visit in Egypt like historic mount Sinai and camel rides. It cost around $28 for a fun dive to $333 for an open water course.


The vibrant marine life of Cozumel makes IT one of the best sites for the divers.  

The incredibly clear and warm water is the best feature which makes it favourites for the sea lovers. The low cost and pricing further make it a feasible place and attracts the divers from all over the world.

The packages most liked and readily available include superior double room for 5 nights, free Nixon and tanks per person, I child is charged free and 2nd is charged only 87 UD.

The expenses of flight, transfer, equipment all are included in the package. The total price of the deal is $1189 for 5 days. The bookings are opened from augh to Dec every year. So, what are you waiting for?


If you are about to plan a dive trip well Indonesia should be on your top list because of a number of reasons. Firstly, it has a number of islands and a number of water bodies that offer you diving courses throughout the year.

Which means Indonesia is open for anyone throughout the year irrespective of the seasonal conditions. Because once you are there you would find one place or another where you could cry out our diving expeditions.

The packages are customized according to the needs but the best one includes the 11-night stays in all star aurora. package includes meals, accommodation, beverages, 4 diver per day, short excursions, free nitrox and local ground transfers.

And all of this is included in only 3639$. the bookings are open through out the year starting from 10 Dec to 21 Dec every year. Enticing. isn’t it?

That is all about my 5 top picks for the cheapest sites to go for scuba diving and saving hundred of dollars in the process.

Who doesn’t like an adventure, fun and craziness all together and that too within the amount that doesn’t hurt your pocket? Right?

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