How much does the full scuba gear weigh?

When you have finally made up your mind to engage in the sports of scuba diving, there are some certain things that begins to matter and this is so that you are certain that you are fit to begin the act of scuba diving. One of such things is if medically you are fit for scuba diving.

Many of the casualties that we see with scuba diving are not people that came in contact with sharks or wild sea animals. As a matter of fact, it is because many of them were not certified to be medically fit for the water bodies that they are delving into.

Another aspect that people love to check is what they need to weigh in terms of the gears that they wear, when they want to delve into the water bodies.

One point of correction that should come into mind when it comes to scuba gears is the fact that it is not one thing that you wear that makes the gear for scuba diving, it is as a matter of fact the full kits that you wear that makes up the gear for scuba diving and for each kit, there is a weigh that judges that such kit is at its standard.

Some salient facts about scuba diving

There are some salient facts and hacks when it comes to scuba diving and the first of them all is that when people begin to master the act of diving, they have the urge to want to reduce the amount of air that they consume in one dive.

In other to achieve this feat, you must learn to fin faster and farther and this must be done with seamless efforts. You also need to learn to trust the water body while you feel relaxed while in the water

Many people are of the opinion that when it comes to diving, how much you weigh does not really matter, that as a matter of fact, it is how crafty you are that matters the most, but this is not the appropriate position.

The first thing that you need note is that when you want to become professional with diving, you must ensure that you are buoyant over the water and this can only be achieved when you check on your weight in the water.

It should be noted that when you checkmate on how much you weigh, there would be a minimal amount of BC inflation and this means that you are ready to dive for as long as you want. Buoyancy and weight matters the most when you are in the water and when you weigh the amount of weight that allows you to float easy in the water, it makes it easy to maintain the kits that you bought and this means that you wouldn’t have to maintain things in a long time.

About the weight and how to check how much your gear must weigh when you are in the water

When it comes to checking the weight in water, there are a number of factors to check on and the first of them is how much your body mass weighs and also how much your wetsuit weighs.

There are a couple of buoyancy calculator that allows you to checkmate on how much you need to weigh before you delve deep into the water.

The best way to checkmate on the kind of kit that you need while under water is to make sure that you try your hands on different kits and to make sure that while you dive into the water with the full tank and regulator, you must make sure that you record the changes that occur with the different kits and this would help you know just how much you must weigh before you dive deep.

When you want to know how much your gear must weigh, you would need to check with your body mass using the rules of thumbs.

This includes checking on the ten percent of your body weight added with five pounds if you wear a 7mm wetsuit. You could also use a five percent of your body mass when you wear a suit of 3mm.

One other thing to note is that there is no hard and fast rule as regards how much you need to weigh while under water.

As a matter of fact, people that have checked how much they must weigh before they delve deep into the water need to check again because there are changes that occur with the body and also with the gear that you wear.

As a matter of fact there are times when you wear a kit in salt water, it tends to weigh more or less, and this is different also with when you are in the fresh water region.


There is no hard and fast with scuba diving but there is a fact that you need to note, it is that you need to ensure that you understand how much you need to weigh when delving deep into the water.

It would amount to a major setback if you have to delve deep and then you are struggling with one kit or the other. This is not the best option for you. As a matter of fact, sometimes the scuba master helps you calculate just how much you need to weigh when you start the act of professional scuba diving.

The hallmark of a scuba diver is that such a person attains buoyancy within the water surface and this buoyancy can be achieved when you checkmate on your kits.

There is no hard and fast rule as regards the weight that you must have and this is because our bodies and wetsuits are different from each other.

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