The first scuba diving trip might be such that is filled with a lot of excitement. More often than not, if you are the kind of person that has been engrossed with the rigorous trainings at that certification school, you would realize that it is the first major scuba diving you would have without supervision.

While it might feel a lot awesome, you should notice that it could also be a risky venture if you are not well guarded for your first trip.

Even the best of scuba divers might end up as victims if they are not well guarded in a way that the tide of the water does not take them away.

The awesome and unique gears that make your first trip colorful

  • Scuba Mask:

The life underwater is different from that which we have in our own world. However, there is something that is certain and that is the fact that whenever we are underwater, we never want to catch the best memories without the best 3D looking glasses that we can find around.

This is the reason why the scuba mask is there for you. You would be able to view the underwater life with ease and this comes with a beautiful scenery of course.

When buying your scuba mask, there are a couple of things that you might want to look out for and the first is the aspect that involves the placement on the face. In this phase, you must make sure to make the glasses stay within the gaps that lead to your nose. Also, you should make sure that when you are buying the scuba mask.

You should ear the snorkel mouthpiece in your mouth and wear your mask still, does it still fit? When you do all these, you would be able to deduce if the scuba mask is apt for you and this is all that matters when you are choosing the best scuba mask for you.

  • Snorkel:

A lot of people wonder how people breathe when they are under the water and it is the snorkel that makes this awesomely possible. The snorkel is like a hose which contains air and it allows you to breathe while you face the downward position in the water.

The snorkel has the duty of conserving air in your tank when you are at the surface of the water. While you are at this point, it allows you to conserve some air for the purpose of breathing underwater.

The fact that there is a bigger passage for air make it easier to take in some air while under water and so whenever you want to go around searching for the right snorkel for you, you should look for the kind that has a big passage for air.

There are times also when you feel like you do not need to have the snorkel with a big passage, but you must also consider the fact that you shouldn’t be finding it difficult to breathe while under water.

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  • Scuba Fins:

one thing that you need when you want to go scuba diving is the fins which must be of good quality. You need to understand the purpose of the quality fins and it is so that you can have a good passage while under water as this allows you to navigate your way through, easily.

  • Wetsuit:

when you are under the water, you are prone to a whole lot of things which include the fact that your body temperature has the likelihood of reducing faster than your need of air and so when you want to go scuba diving, you need to make sure that you have a quality wetsuit that suits the kind of water that you want to scuba dive in.

it must be noted that when it comes to diving into water, there are different kinds of suits that you can get and this you must put into consideration when going scuba diving, so that you do not end up getting the wrong suit for the wrong kind of water

  • Life-Support Equipment:

this is just as the name implies. It is your back up option when you are diving into the water. You do not want to start looking for life support while under water and so this is a must have while you go on your first scuba diving.

  • Scuba BCDS:

The scuba BCD helps you to keep your body in check while you are on the surface of the water. It allows you to float easily while diving into the water as it carries your body through the water body.

  • Scuba Regulator:

generally, the job of a regulator is that it helps to regulate the pressure of air in such a way that you can easily breath in the water.

There are times when the kits that you carry also need air, and this is what transmits all of the needed air to the needed spaces.

these are modern day inventions and they tell when it is safe to dive in the water and also the depth of the water. It is safe to understand the depth of the water in which you are diving in and this is a computerized way of telling this.

  • Aluminum 80:

this is the cylinder that houses all of the air that you breathe in. It is a must have if you intend scuba diving for long.

  • Octopus:

this is another form of regulator and it is cool for emergency circumstances that makes the regulator not to work.


Scuba diving kits are awesome for all scuba divers and it is the reason that divers are safe whenever they scuba dive.

It must be noted that if you are the kind of person that does not intend diving for long, there are some of these gears that you could do without.

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