Is it that time of the year when you are planning an adventurous trip with or friends or colleagues or family holidays or a romantic getaway with your significant other? I guess so! And I am also well aware of how it is not possible to have a discussion about the adventurous trip and not coming up with the scuba diving option on the table.

Who doesn’t want that?  we all do, right!? Well let me break you the news that you are where exactly needed to be to get all the required information about scuba diving if you are a beginner.

Well, the foremost problem if you are a newbie to scuba diving comes with the destination selection. Yeah! You need to decide which waters you need to go that would be safe, easy to dive and fun.

Not all waters are perfect for scuba diving especially for the beginners. So, the question arises which countries have best locations for scuba diving and even bigger question is how to get the answer of former one.

But don’t worry as I told before you are at the right place to get all the answers. So, let’s explore the globe and find out which location suits you the most.

What is the best 10 incredible countries to go liveaboard scuba diving for beginners to descover next scuba trip:

(1) British Virgin Islands:

This place is the best choice for the beginners. Reason being, as stated by a dive instructor, one can find many shallow water areas with are not deeper than 80 feet.

It is not just safe but provide a number of sites seeing and sheltered underwater real estates comprising of wreckages, coastlines and reef. The new beginners can not just get expertise of the skill but also can have fun exploring RMS Rhoen’s wreck and the seven island’s string.

(2) Bahamas :

This is the place which is considered the heaven for couples. The best place for the romances to grow in the warm and clear water. The best thing you would notice while diving in Bahamas is the visibility. It has visibility round about 8o feet.

That is the reason one would find majority of the people which have tried certification elsewhere but then gave up because of poor visibility issues. So, Bahamas mean a perfect couple getaway with a lot of fun and adventures.

(3) Thailand:

Thailand is economically best place for the scuba diving beginners. As it is cheaper than elsewhere.

The low costs are firstly due the better U.S- exchange rates and secondly to the large number of scuba dive centres present in the area.

The money that costs you one beginner fresh water program in other countries would be equal to both the fresh waters and advance level courses in Thailand.

So, people usually end up opting for both courses. So, if want to save some money do visit Thailand!

(4) St. John:

 This is the place of reefs and corals. One of the conditions to get a dive certification is to that you have to pass a stage called flooded mask where the waters hits the face.

often people get scared of when the water hits the eyes or the nose but the plus point is the reef centred distractions that can make you totally forget about the fear and you get mesmerised by the floating animals around like the octopus coming to say you ‘hi’.

This is one of the best sea life experience one can get.

(5) Key Largo, Florida:

This is of the best choice for scuba diving as well and that to with the incentive live animal encounters and diving among the turtles, snooks, snappers and tarpons.

These are also shallow water bodies with the depth of 25 to 40 feet and free of water currents. So, the whole positive surrounding makes the diving a breath-taking activity.

(6) Maui:

It is famous for its turtle distractions. Yeah right. There such a large number of turtles in Maui that it often gets hard to teach learners the skill because they are less focused on learning and more distracted by the surrounding turtles.

So, the instructors usually go by the rule of skills first and tour second. But all in all, it is the top recommended location if you want to have an amazing learning experience.

(7) Australia:

Heron island of Australia is also rich in animals. But the certification divers get has a decreased trend mainly because of the fact that there are too many turtles and animals’ encounters that make it hard to dive.

but on the plus side there is a claim by the instructors that the divers get to see such a diversity of animals in a single dive or two that other divers get to experience after so many dives.


The dive training centres and resorts offer three kinds of entries in the waters: the shore, the ladder and the stride. And if you are afraid of water or diving, they would offer you spent time on log reef.

That makes one aware and prepare them for what is coming. And once they enter the water and experience the life down there, none of them can stop them from going back. 

(9) Dive scene utila:

it provides the best diving environment. There are a number of resorts and PADI IDC
centres which makes it a diving attraction for many. Not just that once you go there you can so much fall in love with the place that there are high chances you can end up settling there for good. So, beware!

(10) Grand cayman:

The last but not the least in my list is this amazing place which needs one to experience wall divingand much more. The total depth allowed is about 60 feet and the wall start at 50 feet.

So, once you are an advance level certified you can experience the wall diving. But till than don’t ignore a number of other attractions meant for beginners too.

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