Twelve Best Awesome Countries to do Scuba Dive for Beginners

Scuba diving is regarded as one of the most popular recreational sports that involve water. As a matter of fact in much recent times it has been noted that there is an increasing number of enthusiasts, sites selling gears and many other support pages on the internet, for the purpose of supporting the sports and the patronage of the sports.

When it comes to examining the reasons why people indulge in the sports, there are a wide range of reasons and the top of the reasons include the sightseeing of the life under and the fact that there are many shipwrecks under the sea world that have made an awesome scenery under water.

When it comes to scuba diving for beginners, there are lot of awesome places that one could go for this purpose and amongst them include the following:

The twelve best awesome countries to do scuba dive for beginners

(1). Maaya Thila, Maldives:

Maldives is one of the spots that has the best scenery underwater and this is because of the fact that the underwater has a lot of underwater flora and fauna which looks so appealing to the eyes.

The deepness of the sea is so awesome that it allows one to scroll in in one dive. Under the water, there are lots of ornamental fishes in the water and it could be easier to take loads of pictures under the water because of the awesome sight.

even Dive one of the biggest Website on Scuba World has mentioned on one of the posts about The Best Diving in the Maldives :

With warm, crystal clear waters, white-sand beaches, and island after island to discover and explore, the Maldives is a scuba lover’s paradise.

It is also worthy of mention to note that in Maldives, there are loads of Grey reef sharks but the good fact to note is that it is very rare to come in contact with those sharks because they do not come to the low tidal aspect which is most likely that you come in contact with.

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(2) Puerto Galera, Phillippines:

one place that is awesome for scuba diving is the waters of Puerto Galera and the reason why so many people visit this place is because of the beautiful under water scenery.

In the waters that covers this region, you would find a lot of ornamental fishes there and this is one of the reasons why it is a worthy site to be in. This place is not just awesome for beginners, but for all other levels of scuba divers. There are so many people that go to this place with their entire family for the purpose of enjoying the underwater cool.

(3) The Blue Hole, Belize:

one of the most awesome places for beginners to scuba dive is actually the blue hole of Belize.

This place is so unique from the look of the place from a distance and this is one of the reasons why people are attracted to this place, especially for scuba diving.

One other reason why people love this place is because a renowned name in the scuba diving world actually called this place one of the lovely places to scuba dive in the world.

One feature that makes this place awesome is the fact that despite the hole that makes the sea, there are lots of awesome places to see when you dive in.

(4) Koh Tao Island, Thailand:

anyone who has been to Thailand would quite agree that this place is an awesome place for scuba divers, irrespective of the class of scuba diving that you might be in.

One awesome thing that you must note about this place is the fact that a whole gulf of Thailand was dedicated as a resort to scuba diving and this resort is surrounded by different colorful reefs.

As a matter of fact, if you want a place that you could scuba dive without the sight of sharks or their scares, this is the right place for you.

The only bad side about scuba diving in Thailand is that there are many pilfers and you might become a possible victim if you are not careful.

(5) Kailua Kona, Hawaii:

one awesome thing about this awesome place is the fact that this place has the title of the best marine reserve in the world and it houses quite a large number of deep sea aquatic life.

There are so many people who visit this location and one other amazing thing about this place is that there are so many people that go to visit the place on a yearly basis.

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(6) Utila, Honduras:

This is an awesome place to scuba dive with deep sea lives and sharks as well as enjoy the awesome scenery of the sea. It is suitable for beginner scuba divers and also has a nice location for relaxation very close to the sea.

(7) Sipadan, Malaysia:

The sipadan resort is the only ocean level meant for scuba diving in all of Malaysia and all of the sea lives in the water has a wide range of varieties. Another thing about this place is the fact that it is a beautiful sight to behold.

(8) Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles:

this is one of the best scuba diving locations in Netherlands and one reason why this place is spectacular is because it gives the opportunity for the best scuba diving adventure.

The best time to go visit the Bonaire is when it is close to the year. It is at this time that the sea is at its calmest and so it is easy to enjoy the scenery.

(9) Gili Islands, Indonesia:

One notable thing about this place is the fact that it is the turtle center of the world and it is also an amazing sight to see when it comes to the underwater scenery. The islands and the scuba diving scape is a place that is suitable for new scuba divers.

(10) Yap, Micronesia:

 this place is really awesome because of the tropical water that it has. It is also awesome because a lot of ecologist and nature lovers like to visit the place.

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