Can You Dive To The Titanic? What You Need To Prepare Your Self

No matter, if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s or whatever age group you belong to, if you are here that means you are part of the club. So welcome! Well, your presence on this page makes it safe to assume that you are well aware of the Titanic and the wreckage of it.

And you are equally curious about the details and definitely insanely involved to be thinking about witnessing it all by yourself. Well if you are one of those crazy adventurers, you are on the right place because we have collected all the information you need to know by doing all our research on it. So, lets dive in the details of diving in the titanic first!

CAN YOU DIVE TO THE Titanic? What You Need To Prepare Your Self best scuba pro

Titanic was a luxury travel ship which made its maiden and the final voyage in 1912. It was made to be a lavish ship of one of its kind. But what it the part of the history was its   tragic demise with cost not the only ship but more than 3000 human lives.

The titanic hit the iceberg in the north Atlantic, broken into two and sank. But that was not the end to the titanic history. It was recovered, more appropriately, the wreckage of it. Yes, after a number of failed attempts, special kind of submarines were designed made of nickel steel to survive the pressure and the depth to collect only few photographs of it.

no actual artefact of titanic could be brought back till date. So, putting all the above details in a perspective. What were you asking again?  can you dive to the titanic? well if you intend to come back well alive and imagine making your grandchildren listen to your great expedition stories… well.

sorry, but that might not happen. Because you cannot dive to the titanic and come back healthy as a horse just like that. It is not impossible but first just know what you need to prepare yourself for if you are looking for a way to it.


Incapacitating depth and toxicating gases:

Yeah! that’s right. If you are someone familiar with scuba diving you would be knowing already that they don’t let you dive deeper than 130 feet and 200 is the maximum limit and then 300 feet is just incapacitating.

Yeah, I am well familiar of the fact made by same genius of 1000 km but we still can’t image the side effects he had suffered with.Why that?

High Pressure

Titanic wreckage has been estimated to be present at some depth of about 12,500 feet (that means 3.81km, 2.3 miles). And science claims (and my name is not science) as you dive deeper, the pressure your body has to bear increases with the depth and it reaches to the point where it can crush your bones. So, the pressure at the depth of the wreck is some 378 atm. (enough to crush and sent to the other world if that’s what you want :P)

Toxicating gases

And the story doesn’t end here. The pure oxygen and nitrogen become toxic after the depth of 30-40 feet and divers diving beyond that need to carry with them the gas mixtures to switch to.

Now use your brains and calculate how worse the toxicity would be at 10x greater depth than a manageable one and how large of a supply you would need to survive.

Well a bad  news the scuba tank wont rescue you as per breath you would need at least 2 scuba tanks which (as com’on sense say) would be able to fulfil the requirement for a longer periods.(common ! how many scuba tanks can you carry ? ) and not just that even if the amount of scuba tanks are managed, the surrounding pressure would be so higher than your tank that it would fail to supply any air.

Freezing temperature

Thirdly, the temperature. The temperature down there is too high for any individual to survive. Even any dry suit would be helpful for the protection against the cold.

So, all in all the chances wo diving even to the vicinity of titanic is not even close. You better give up on the idea.

CAN YOU DIVE TO THE Titanic? What You Need To Prepare Your Self best scuba pro

You need a recreational Sci-Fi scuba gear!? Still not good enough!

Some would say a No to even science fiction recreational scuba gear to be of some use. The advocate the argument of any special scuba suit not being good enough to sustain the pressure and prevent a human from scumbling their bones. However, some do support the idea of special kind of enclosed watercraft made to bear that immense pressure as the only way to get a sight of what actually is a food of bacteria now.

You ought to be a millionaire and a genius!

Well… is it possible you dream of something and universe closes all it’s doors to the idea of it. Nay! So yes. there a few companies which have created some special submersibles named MIR I or II which are capable of sustaining the extreme conditions of 20,000 feet depth. And that is the only way a human can witness titanic wreckage.

It can accommodate a pilot and 2 passengers at a time. So, companies are offering deals to the millionaire but are somewhat related to the process of research to get more details. Though the cost of it would cost many a whole life’s earning.

The estimated cost is $59.680 for professional divers and $10,000 USD for non-divers for a stay of 1 week and diving time of 10-11 hours.

So, either you drop your dream or better start selling your kidneys (Pun intended: p)

 A suicidal maniac

Well yeah. after reading all this of you are still hooked up to the idea of it. well sky has no limits for your suicidal capacities mate. Go ahead! But don’t forget to say your final good byes.

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