With summer several months away and you still like to be head down to the beach for an instant dip at all the time. Scuba diving is not possible without a face mask and goggles.

These suggested over contact lenses to keep a clear view while diving under water. Contact lenses need chlorine and it can create some problems for you. Goggles are the good alternatives of the lens glasses. Wearing contact lenses while swimming but there are many things you must keep in mind.

With lens glasses, you must be careful when it floods your mask during underwater diving.

There are two types of contact lenses, soft and hard. The use of soft lenses can cause a problem for you because of its softness. It removes during dive.

On the other hand, hard lenses are rigid and there will be no gas exchange takes place. During the ascent and dive, you may face the issues of the gas transfer.

It causes blurred vision underwater diving. Do you know the difference between Scuba lenses glass and plastic?

Which type of Goggles should a diver use?

The material of the lens is difficult to choose when buying glasses if it is your first time. There are several options that you need to choose from such as polycarbonate, standard VS high index, plastic Vs glass lenses.

A plethora of selection is there online and on the market. It is hard for users to buy what is suitable for you.

Glass Goggles are heavy

The 2 prime difference between plastic and glass are scratch and weight resistance. Glass lenses are heftier as compared to the plastic lenses. For several reasons, these are annoying.

It will put weight on your nose that causes uncomfortable pressure. It puts your face down as the glasses slide down.

Scratch resistance

The prime difference between these two materials is scratch resistance. Plastic goggles are lighter and have the scratch resistance of the goggles.

These plastic goggles have less resistance to scratch need a bit more care to handle these products. Some other differences between the two materials are given below

  • Plastic is lighter than glass goggles. These glasses are comfortable and slow down the capacity to slide down your nose.
  • Glass Goggles have more scratch resistance and it cracks and breaks plastic lenses. These are easy to splinter, shatter and crack if dropped on a hard surface.
  • Plastic Goggles are less reflective than glass Goggles. It makes the vision clear and less disposed to glare.
  • Glass Goggles have a high index and make them slightly thin but offers an attractive looking.
  • Plastic Goggles come in large size and more colors that glass goggles. These are in great demand due to their versatility.

These are available on the market with a variety of sizes and shapes.

Some of the important and famous plastic products are given below.

Plastic Goggles

Best Plastic Goggles Suitable For Dive & Swim This List Picked Carefully For Your Needed Listed In Amazon With Accepted Price

Oceanic Mako

Oceanic Mako is a stylish and lightweight mask that is a great choice for both beginners and experienced divers.

It contains low-volume designs because the goggles are effortless to offer a clear vision. Its plastic body is comfy due to the skirt formed from high-grade silicone. It molds the face of the divers and offers you a snug fit.

Cressi Panoramic

It delivers divers a rise in peripheral vision. These plastic body Goggles are great because these are available in a variety of colors with a black or clear skirt. It gives amazing results in underwater photography.

Cressi F1

It is a famous selection for Scuba divers around the globe. Its frameless design fits your face and offers you an unobscured view. it’s very easy to clear the mask where there is less space for water. It offers a clear vision in the water.

Cressi Nano

This two-window Goggles with plastic body is comfy. It is available in hydrodynamic shape which helps easy movement in small space. It is an ideal item for freedivers. Enjoy your diving with a clear vision.

Kraken Aquatics

It comes with a single-window and offers a basic and simple design. It contains a wide and thick skirt that fits on the face to offer a clear and wide vision. You can buy these items in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Glass Goggles

Best Glass Goggles Suitable For Dive & Swim This List Picked Carefully For Your Needed Listed In Amazon With Accepted Price

Cressi Big Eyes Evolution

It offers superclass visibility.

This glass and teardrop-shaped lenses are lighter and these glass lenses give crystal clear view.

It fits on your face in a better way.

It allows the lenses to fit close to the face and allows you great gauges.

Automatic Aquatic Venom Frameless

Due to the unique style, these are in great demand.

It is the trend of today that users always follow the unique and modern item that enhances the attraction of personality.

You can avail of a huge variety of these glasses online very easily.

Go Pro Dive

It comes with the digital camera on it it’s top.

It means it offers you ease to capture your favorite moment underwater.

It allows you convenience and comfort by keeping your hands free for photography. It is a flexible and versatile item that is lightweight.

Oceanic Shadow Frameless

Its simple and basic design makes its use comfy and easy for the divers.

The lens offers clear vision and fits on the face very easily.

These are the real means to offer clear visibility, versatility, style, and portability.

Atomic Frame ARC

It comes with the curved style, flat, and double case in the package.

Its durable material and the lightweight lenses make it an ideal product for all types of divers.

It is available in a variety of shapes and colors.

These lenses provide you clear vision underwater and it means it offers secure visibility to its users.

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