What happens if you lose your mask while scuba diving? 6 tips to deal with

What does an eagle ray, a clownfish and shipwreck all have in common? You can identify them with the help of the scuba mask because it is a window to the beautiful world underwater.

One of the most beautiful and significant diving items is Scuba diving mask. It should be fit, defogged and equalized in a proper way.

Moreover, there are more to scuba masks that meets the eyes. The significance of the Scuba mask is not able to deny. You cannot see without it in the deep waters.

This mask helps you keeping water out of the diver’s nose. In this way, you will be able to focus your eyes. A diver is able to swim and breathe without masks and it is a scuba certification course in which scuba divers learn and practice breathing without a mask.

What is Scuba Mask?

There are different types of masks available in the market. These are designed specifically for underwater diving. These are designed with the high-quality material like silicon and tempered glass. This material is solid and powerful to support you in the deep waters. The use of snorkeling masks is ideal for surface water sports.

These are formed with the inferior quality material like plastic lenses. These items get scratches and fog very easily. During the dive, inferior quality material break very easily. Scuba masks should work well for water sports and snorkeling. If you lose your mask during scuba diving then it can be a big problem for you. You need to be focused without getting panic because in tension we may met a big accident.

Your instructor have guided you about this situation during training. It is great to recall all those tips and tackle the situation. There are several tips for you to handle this situation.

(1) Dive in a proper way to avoid losing mask

The majority of the Scuba divers lose their mask when they dive into the water. It means their diving style is incorrect.

Some of the inferior quality masks lose because these are not suitable and fit on the divers face. Now, it is the most important trick that you need to learn how to dive into the water.

Scuba diving is all about your confidence. If you have lost your mask then you need to build up your courage and confidence because without it you will not be able to swim in the water.

If you are near the surface then it is better to swim upward instead of going down. In this way, you are safe because on the surface you can adjust your mask easily.

It has become quite a necessity to have internet connectivity throughout the day.

Especially to those who are going to dive underwater that needs to be updated and monitored on a regular basis in order to get the maximum output from your work done on the digital space.

On the internet, you know your partner is in which condition. He asks you to select the kind of assistance you need to use.

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(2) Learn breathing techniques without mask

It is good that you must learn how to breathe without masks. As it is mentioned above that you should learn how to breathe without masks.

For the majority of divers, it is important to take the vital accessories with them for diving. In case, you have lost your mask, you need not to panic, try to breathe by mouth and try to wear it again for appropriate swimming.

(3) Do not dive alone

If you dive alone then you may face many problems. If you are diving with your peers then you can ask someone for help. It is a good thing that you can inform your companions with the signals to help you in getting your mask in the appropriate order.

It increases your convenience. If you are far away from your friends in the water then you need to choose the right signal to inform them about the problem.

(4) Take lightweight gear

Your gear should be lightweight because it is difficult to move the heavy equipment. You have diving tank on your back that is heavy to carry for you.

If you have no one to help you then it is better you move to the surface before your cylinder comes to an end.

(5) Send signals to the surface boat with a dive computer

You should choose the modern technology to keep yourself secure underwater. You can use modern dive computer. These are great for those who are just stepping into the Scuba diving world. Its main features are its large signals and three style gauges.

Moving with heavy equipment is a difficult thing because it needs to keep it in the bag safely and always have the issue of the battery because it requires to plug in for power.

You need to charge old things on the required time otherwise its battery will lose its efficiency. The dive computers are great because of easy portability and lightweight. It comes with anti-fouling gloves. The user does not need to use extra cleaning items to clean the stains.

(6) Bring gauges and ropes with you

It is lightweight and portable for the users. They will find it simple to operate. Due to the high-quality specifications, this tablet offers more working time without getting hot and with long time battery.

Initially, it might seem like an issue if you are going away or won’t be able to have your hands on a dive computer but if you have one of the modern dive computersyou got nothing to worry about at all.

In this modern era of technology, even the business leave no stone unturned to cope up with the frequent changes.

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