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From the beginning of 2010 Suunto released the amazing dive computers with the name “Zoop”.

They now become one of the world’s best entry-level dive computers.

The Suunto Zoop Novo is the best successor to the well-known model.

Suunto zoop novo Best Suunto zoop novo Suunto zoop novo cable Suunto zoop novo console Suunto zoop novo review Suunto zoop novo guide Suunto zoop novo features

With advanced capacities, the Zoop Novo makes sure to keep Suunto at the leading edge of the market. 

The Suunto Zoop Novo console is an astounding beginning up dive PC which is well known because of its highlights and cost.

It has all the essential capacities to protect you when jumping. It is intended to be reliable and enduring. It’s an extraordinary decision for either passage level or Recreational jumpers.

Top rated best Suunto Zoop Novo 2020:

Suunto zoop novo
Best Suunto zoop novo
Suunto zoop novo cable 
Suunto zoop novo console
Suunto zoop novo review
Suunto zoop novo guide
Suunto zoop novo features

The Suunto Zoop Novo is an exceptionally evaluated and reasonable dive PC and is our pick for best incentive among the Suunto product offerings. In the recent Suunto zoop Novo reviews people claim that it includes a four-button simple to explore UI, making it ideal for recreational scuba jumpers.

The backdrop illumination is brilliant, and the lattice show makes it simple to peruse submerged in any condition. 

The jump log accumulates to 140 hours, which can be moved to a PC. The Suunto Zoop Novo can be utilized in freediving, Air, or Nitrox mode and arrives in a variety of colors alternatives that without much of a stretch match a full arrangement of shading composed dive gear.


  • The zoo Novo dive computer has a user-replaceable CR2
  • Dive computer has measurements of 6″ x 6″ x 6.”
  • The screen size is 1.33 inches.
  • It is best for Recreational Divers or Backup.
  • The approximate weight is 8 ounces.
Intended with Freedive, Nitrox and Air modeThere will be no button stick.
There is a matrix style display for a better viewSmaller wrists can fit into this dive computer watch.
Intended with four user menu buttons
Get a variety of color options
Wrist or console compatible

Top Feature of Suunto Zoop Novo

Let’s move to know about the Suunto Zoop Novo features that are worth considering in this innovative system. 

Large Durable Design

As a rule, the general structure wouldn’t be a key component and motivation to purchase a plunge PC. In any case, the Suunto zoop Novo console has a full-screen design. The display screen is gigantic at 4cm/1.33 crawls in breadth and is secured by sturdy acrylic which will more than withstand the odd thump. The large clear digits make the Zoop Novo simple to peruse. 

It can appear to be somewhat bulky, and you wouldn’t wear it as an ordinary wristwatch. Let’s be honest; it’s a jump PC you need to purchase. For usefulness, common sense, and solidness, the Zoop Novo configuration is perfect. 

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Four Button Interface:

It is one of the most potent Suunto zoop Novo features. One change in the Suunto was made to the first Zoop to add a fourth catch to the Novo for a simpler route. You have mode, select, up, and down, all stamped.

With the enormous display scales, it’s overly simple to explore through the menus to discover what you’re searching for in their dive computer. The four simple buttons are overall quite large and ergonomically positioned very well. It is hard to press an inappropriate one when wearing thick gloves. 

Altitude Adjustments:

As we as a whole know, various components can build your danger of DCS. In case you’re jumping, and you realize you convey specific DCS chance components (age, heftiness, circulatory issues), the Suunto zoop Novo manual allows you to modify the calculation to be increasingly moderate level. It gives an additional degree of safety to the diver. 

The Zoop Novo additionally permits you to change the elevation setting which will modify the PC’s decompression computations. Show data on the Zoop Novo can be appeared in metric or majestic, and Fahrenheit or Celsius. 

Suunto zoop novo
Suunto zoop novo manual
Best Suunto zoop novo
Suunto zoop novo cable 
Suunto zoop novo console
Suunto zoop novo review
Suunto zoop novo guide
Suunto zoop novo features

Nitrox Compatible:

Modifying the PC to dive on Nitrox now becomes simple. In Nitrox mode, you enter both the level of oxygen being utilized and the ppO2 limit. It’s programmable for 21% to half oxygen blends and alters somewhere in the range of 1.2 and 1.6 bar ppO2. 


In this Suunto zoop novo guide, you will see that there are numerous alerts on the Zoop Novo to tell you when significant cutoff points are being reached or passed. There are various tones to show high and low need. High need cautions will sound if the decompression roof profundity is surpassed.

The depth of in the underground water can be controlled by setting these alarms.  Whether scuba jumping or freediving, the low need caution will sound when you arrive at the characterized most extreme depth. 

Logbook Memory:

For a beginner first level dive computer, the Zoop Novo flaunts an enormous logbook memory and can put away 140 hours of information with the help of Suunto zoop Novo cable. In freediving mode, this diminishes to 35 hours. You can download your jump log from the Zoop Novo onto your PC or Mac so you can dissect the information. 

Full Buying Guide about Suunto zoop Novo manual:

After reviewing the features and working of the Suunto Zoop nova dive computer, it is the latest PC that is difficult to beat. It may not be smoothed out enough for freedivers or offer the gas exchanging and calculations for in-depth tech divers. For recreational scuba divers, the best Suunto zoop Novo provides all that you will need. 

The Zoop Novo will make plunging safe and straightforward with all the information you need to be shown on a large, bright screen. Since it’s sensibly valued, profoundly reliable, and excessively simple to utilize, the Suunto Zoop Novo might be the main plunge PC you will need to use.

The first Suunto Zoop was a smash hit for the beginners and broadly observed as the best section level PC available. With the Zoop Novo, Suunto has certainly enhanced the original dive computer. 

Highlights and specs compared with other dive computers:

  • Five modes available that are off, Air, Nitrox, check, and freediving. 
  • Worked in jump organizer. 
  • Full persistent decompression calculation 
  • Innovative clock for freediving 
  • Timer in air and nitrox modes 
  • User variable battery 
  • A strong Backlit screen 
  • Graphical logs and jump information perfect with both PC and Mac 

What diver’s Like in the Suunto zoop novo console?

  • Big and bright display screen 
  • Simple to utilize for jumpers 
  • You can change the period the backdrop illumination remains on 
  • The value makes it a perfect back-up PC 
  • Personal plunge profiles permit you to change the calculation to be increasingly conservative 
  • Off mode implies you can have a dip during your surface span without it influencing your next jump 
  • Changeable alerts 
  • The battery keeps working for a lifetime. One recreational mode works well while requiring another battery. 

Final Verdict:

Suunto ZOOP Novo is a perfect decision for sport divers. SO if you are searching for a simple-to-utilize dive computer at a moderate cost, then it is going to be the best choice for you. Suunto Zoop Novo is PC-good, so you can easily store your plunge information (as long as 50 hours) and logs on a PC. 

It is initiated by water, so you don’t need to stress over neglecting to begin your PC and losing a solitary plunge’s vital information. Since this PC is wrist-mounted and designed with all safety features, there will never be a need to look for your measure comfort when you need to keep an eye on your profundity, highest base time, jump time, and no-deco time.

The entirety of that data is accessible immediately, directly on your wrist. What’s more in this dive computer? The ZOOP Novo’s has another back-light presentation which makes seeing your jump information simple during night and day plunges.

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