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People who have done diving once in their life need to track their dive history. Scuba diving is rewarding and brings fun experiences into a diver’s life.

sunnto dive computer Best sunnto dive computer sunnto dive computer <a href=for oceans and lakes sunnto dive computer 2020″ class=”wp-image-6937″ width=”315″ height=”197″/>

It is vital for everyone to measure safety requirements before going for a dive.

It will allow you to track the information when going deep in oceans.

Going underwater is anything but difficult to get perplexed.

Sometimes you don’t know the direction and ocean depth.

With the ordinary structure, they have now come out with plunge watches that permit them regular use. The best Suunto dive computer is light-weight and can be worn similarly as an ordinary watch.

sunnto dive computer
Best sunnto dive computer
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It might be challenging to determine what the best scuba dive computer is; that is why we have done this research. Suunto has made the most popular and best-rated Suunto dive computer 2021.

Last news, Garmin descent mk2 has been released on the market

Top Rated Suunto dive computer reviews

Whether you’re only beginning on your diving excursion or hoping to investigate new underwater or ocean experiences, Suunto dive computers have all the exciting features you need.

Suunto dive computer devices are designed to provide easy to use and clear digital view experience. In case you’re going to purchase upon goals and invigorate rate, you have to ensure that your PC is fit for driving in oceans and lakes.

Some features are found in all Suunto devices. Although each of the dive computers is integrated with different highlights and presents a different outlook, they all match each other. Check on the latest top-rated Suunto dive computers that are worth considering.

SUUNTO Zoop Novo Scuba Diving Computer:


Whether you’re simply beginning on your jumping excursion or hoping to investigate new submerged experiences, Suunto Zoop Novo has all that you need. You should simply get ready, plunge down, and appreciate the view. This easy to utilize jump PC incorporates full decompression abilities and five plunge modes. 


  • Different working modes available (air, nitrox, check and opportunity modes)
  • Programmable for 21% to half oxygen blends 
  • Royal or metric programmable, decompression stop information, discernible alerts 
  • Backlit presentation, simple to peruse in low light conditions 

SUUNTO D4I NOVO Wrist dive computer:


The Suunto D4i Novo serves the best values in the dive market. It includes more working modes than contending models, gas mixing, and simple to modify jumper profiles and alerts. What’s more, all these jumpers inviting subtleties are stuffed into a minimal wrist watch style. D4i Suunto dive computer 2020 has four catch structures and increasingly complex display make it a superior fit for moderate to cutting edge jumpers.


SUUNTO D5 Scuba Diving Computer with PVD Coated USB Cable


The new Suunto D5 is intended to be so clear and simple to-utilize that you can simply appreciate and concentrate on investigating the superb submerged world. Play with style by changing the lash to coordinate your looks. In the wake of diving, associate remotely to the Suunto application to relive and share your diving experience with companions.


  • Have a digital compass
  • Provide wireless mobile connection
  • Alert divers with vibration alarms
  • Wireless tank pressure
  • have 100m water-resistant strap

SUUNTO Eon Core Wrist Dive Computer with Transmitter & USB


Whether you are a beginner diver or dynamic jumpers exploring new profundities, the minimal Suunto EON Core is an extraordinary jump friend. Utilize the new conspicuous showcase format to additionally feature basic plunge information.

It is completely included with a great set of features, and an adjustable jump PC is a solid accomplice while investigating wrecks or appreciating the beautiful marine life. Press enormous fastens effectively with or without gloves. Advantageously re-charge the battery through USB.


  • Have clear color display with prominent digits and menu logic
  • The battery life is approximately 20 hours
  • Have several dive modes
  • paired with monitor tank pressure system works for up to 10 divers

Suunto D4F Black Freedive Computer


Suunto D4f is a light yet powerful free dive Suunto dive computer for oceans and lakes, which makes submerged games charming. When plunging, the D4f shows your present and most extreme profundity and figures jump time and surface stretches for you, permitting you to completely focus on exploring the submerged world. The Suunto D4f Black accompanies an agreeable elastomeric strap. 


  • Ideal for snorkeling, freediving, and spearfishing
  • Comes up with an Apnea timer
  • Provide Maximum depth up to 100m
  • It is light-weight



The powerful Suunto EON Steel is intended for jumpers who request the majority of their dive PC. With the very solid development, wide-edge BrightSee™ shading screen, and different gas support, this plunge PC is perfect for cutting edge jumping. Adjustable highlights and perspectives add another measurement to your jumping while exploring the blue obscure. Suunto EON Steel is your dependable accomplice in all conditions.


  • Made with stainless steel bezel
  • Highly durable with streamline glass
  • Have robust mechanical construction
  • Guaranteed to work in 150 m depth
  • Have rechargeable battery

Top Feature to consider while buying Suunto Dive Computer

  • Suunto dive computer comes with different modes like Air, Nitrox, watch, Gauge mode
  • Comes with exchangeable straps with amazing quick Release spring bar
  • Approximate net weight is 90g
  • Comes with rechargeable lithium-particle battery
  • Serve water Resistance up to 100m
  • Full-Color MIP show with movable LED backdrop illumination
  • Wireless availability using Bluetooth to new Suunto App
  • A sharp vibration alert
  • Suunto Fused with 2 RGBM decompression model
  • manage wireless tank pressure up to 3 tank pressure readings
  • User-updatable adjustable plunge screens
  • Intended with 3D digital compass
Suunto dive computer watches easy to readThere will be no Trimix compatibility
They can be worn as an ordinary watch 
Can monitor heart rate 
All devices have a replaceable battery 
Have air integration and nitrox mode 
Provide excellent value in terms of money 

Full Buying Guide about Suunto dive computer manual

Several covers around the globe, despite everything, depend on plunge tables to compute all their data for their diving life. These tables can be utilized to calculate Nitrogen levels; surface period suggested submerged occasions.

While still an extraordinary method to screen your dives, innovation progress has made a far more straightforward and progressively exact way. Suunto dive computers for oceans and lakes give you a precise figuring of all your plunging data.

The ongoing market is intensely immersed day by day, so it is essential to know some key highlights that are significant for you while buying a dive watch. For the most part, talking, there are several vital elements to consider when searching for your next dive computer watch.

1. Decide Your Level of dive Experience.

You should solicit yourself what exactly are your skills as a diver. Proficient divers require much further developed innovation than another person to the game. Most of the beginners are probably going to overpay for highlights they want to use for perfect diving. You must be sure that you can advance your diving life.  

You must focus on how you anticipate that your plunging should progress soon. Some professional divers will need to decide on a plunging Suunto dive computer manual that is more in their aptitude level.

2. Start Planning According To Budget:

If you are looking for the best dive watch, then it is essential to consider the amount you are eager to spend serenely. It will assist with narrowing down the watches that are accessible inside your financial plan. We prescribe attempting to be as adaptable with your jump watch as conceivable as this isn’t something you will need a cheap one. If your financial plan isn’t an issue, you can appreciate the full scope of the best Suunto dive computer.

3. Check that the dive computer has Nitrox mode.

Whether you are utilizing nitrox for your ocean diving right now or thinking about switching soon, then we suggest choosing a watch that is compatible with nitrox mode. These watch types permit you to dive with air or nitrox, allowing you to plunge with whatever you pick.

4. Have Data Transferring Option

Having data transferring option through any medium is a bonus feature for all divers. Numerous divers appreciate the choice of transferring the log of their plunges to a home PC. It will allow you to securely move your information and charts to your PC to give you a simple apparatus to see your dive improvement. It permits you to transfer your time, profundity, rising rate, air utilization rates, and level of Nitrogen. 

5. Must have Computerized Compass:

An electronic compass will permit you to see the diving direction easily. Having it incorporated with your PC allows you to preserve space. Simple forms require extra space on your arm.

6. Batteries should be Replaceable:

We suggest buying a Suunto dive computer 2020 that has replaceable battery systems. It will ensure that you have enough battery power to go on a safe dive during the whole day. You can have a great system in Suunto’s new dive collection that gives you a variety of battery setting options. Divers can easily replace dead batteries. The extra charging cable allows you to expand the working period quickly. 

7. Technical Details of Suunto Diving Computer 2020:

During diving in ocean and leaks, there are undoubtedly different things that happen to your body instantly. The lives on the surface of the water and under oceans are unusual as well as risky. In particular, you have to focus on how your body ingests Nitrogen as it goes into the profundities of the water.

sunnto dive computer
sunnto computer
Best sunnto dive computer
sunnto dive computer for oceans and lakes
sunnto dive computer 2020
sunnto dive computer reviews
sunnto dive computer manual

Numerous elements influence the pace of assimilation your body encounters, explicitly weight and body type. As you slip into the water, your body starts to retain more elevated levels of Nitrogen. The measure of Nitrogen your body ingests will decide the period you should hold up between each dive.

Final Verdict:

Suunto is a Finland company that produced high-quality Suunto dive computers for oceans and lakes. They only make hiking watches and diving computers. While thinking about another dive PC, you have to ensure your whole setup is adjusted.

In case you’re going to purchase a Suunto dive computer for lakes PC, and you will get an extremely decent framework, you have to ensure that you’re getting a screen that is fit for pushing that framework to that external edge of its capacities.

If you’ve spent a great deal of cash on a framework, and utilizing a 1080p 60Hz screen, you’re not exploiting the structure you’ve bought. Give yourself a considerable measure of work area space you would prefer not to expand on the floor. Having something to sort out your screws as you dismantle and reassemble your dive computer is likewise extremely helpful for safe diving.

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