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There are a number of great diving spots in the world that are simply breath taking and the sites in Riviera Maya are one of them. But if you ask me personally then Isla Cozumel was the best place to dive for me in Riviera Maya.

I tried out other spots as well but the experience at Isla Cozumel was life changing for me and I hope for every diver to get a chance to scuba dive at Isla Cozumel.

So in order to help the divers with their traveling situation to Isla Cozumel for diving, I am going to share everything that I know about the place with you so that you can easily make plans and travel arrangements based on my experience which again I would say was simply amazing.

Where is Isla Cozumel?

Most people who don’t know much about geography like me wouldn’t know where Isla Cozumel is even though it is a famous diving site.

I didn’t even know about the place or its existence before I step foot in the Playa del Carmen. So for people who don’t know about it, Isla Cozumel is a small island which is located near the Playa Del Carmen which is in Riviera Maya, Mexico.

I stayed there for almost a week and I found out that the place was famous for its scuba diving sites and its cruise post.

If you ask me honestly then I would definitely suggest that you add the place to your scuba diving list because the experience at Isla Cozumel is simply world class for divers.

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How to get to Isla Cozumel?

Traveling plans are the hardest to make because no one likes to go through the discomfort. But well if you are dedicated diver then me then you wouldn’t miss the chance to visit Isla Cozumel for just a diving trip.

Well if you don’t know how to reach the Isla Cozumel then there are three routes that you can take to Isla Cozumel.

  • Fly directly to Isla Cozumel
  • Take a Ferry from Playa Del Carmen
  • Fly to Cancun Airport then travel to Playa Del Carmen by bus and then a taxi to Isla Cozumel.

So if you ask me then flying directly to the Isla Cozumel is the best option for people who hate to travel. You will have to pay extra for you flight but it is worth it.

This option is best for people who are only traveling to the island for diving but if you are traveling from anywhere else in Mexico then you can take a take a plane to Cancun airport but that is going to be a long ride to Isla Cozumel.

The best scuba diving company in Cozumel

Well the definition of best is different for everyone because we all look for different things. Before you fly to Isla Cozumel it is important that you search for a diving center and book your diving plan with them because you are going to need their assistance and gear.

For me the best place is one that runs like a small family and treats their customers just like family as well. Believer me there are a number of great scuba diving companies in Isla Cozumel which makes it hard to choose the right one for you.

But you can use the trick that I did. I listed out all the things that I wanted from a scuba diving company and then did my research and found Dive Paradise to be the best company for me.

I was literally surprised by the service that I serviced.
You can do your own research and find out which company will best suit your needs. You can also contact them before you fly out to be sure that they would be able to equip you. The people there are quite nice and friendly so I felt totally at home.

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Almost all the scuba diving companies offer great scuba diving packages that include almost everything.

So during my visit the 4 day dive ranged between $430 to $890 whereas a 7 day dive package cost somewhere between $740 to $1560 depending on the luxuries that you require.

These packages include everything from your scuba gear to your residence but not the ticket price.

Best sites in Isla Cozumel for diving

I spent like a week in Isla Cozumel diving at all the different sites that I could visit. In total I visited around six sites and the best thing about them were that even though they were at the same island, they all had something different to offer to me.

Unlike any other site that I had scuba dive in, these sites was the only one when I got to witness sharks, turtles and various other sea creatures that you don’t really find at diving locations.

The sites that I visited were totally great and I would want every diver to go there and witness the underwater beauty that the island has to offer to the human eye.

So according to my experience the best sites in Isla Cozumel are;

  • Paradise Reef
  • Chankanaab Reef
  • Yucab Reef
  • Santa Rose Wall
  • Palancar Caves

These are the sites that I got to visit and though they were great. If you find out about other great sites at the place then do let me know about them.

I would love to go back there again and experience them myself.

Final Words

Hope that this personal experience of mine helped you get an idea about the popular scuba diving sites at the Isla Cozumel.

Make sure to arrange all the travel plans before you leave and pack everything that you might need for a scuba diving vacation.

I hope that you have as much fun as I did at Isla Cozumel because I really believe that Isla Cozumel is a site worth visiting for every diver out there.

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