BLU3 Nomad Review

The BLU3 Nomad is one of the best among the many 12v hookah dive systems available today. 

In this Blu3 Nomad unlimited guide and review, we will give a detailed description of the product, pointing out its features, the pros and cons, benefits to buyers, including some user experiences from

Product Description

Just like the Blu3 Nemo, Blu3 Nomad dive system was produced in Florida, the United States, by Blu3 Manufacturers. This diving system has a 19-inch length, a 13-inch width, and a 12-inch height.

It has a 15 lb weight and a maximum dive depth of 30 feet. One fully charged battery will last for 60 minutes and can be swapped in 20 seconds after it runs low.

It is used best by divers, or snorkelers with enough experience. Its rechargeable and compact properties make it suitable to be transported on flights as luggage. While in use, the main unit of the Blu3 Nomad stays afloat while the diver plunges underwater. It has an air compressor inside its kit that is customized and powered by a fully charged battery.

This air compressor is responsible for pumping air which is delivered to the diver through an air hose and the Smart Reg.

A complete package of the Blu3 Nomad comes with a Blu3 backpack, a Nomad, a smart reg, a red and white dive flag, the batter packet, a charger, a dive harness, and an online Blu3 Dive Training Course.

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The Blu3 Nomad Package Contains

Air Hose:

The Blu3 Nomad package comes with an air hose that is 40 feet long, flexible, and well-balanced. The hose is easy to handle as it comes in coils that prevent kinking. 

When the rope is not in use bungee it up before storing it. The air hose of the Blu3 Nomad is usually longer than the maximum dive depth, and this gives a diver more flexibility while diving.

Battery Pack:

A lithium-ion battery powers the Blu3 Nomad’s operation. It is one of the best electric hookah dive systems available today. It also uses a rechargeable scuba diving tankless system in its operation. Unlike other gas-powered compressors, the battery is rechargeable and can be swapped when low in 20 seconds. The battery pack and connector can be used in saltwater as it is IP67 rated. 

It can also be carried as luggage on airplanes as it is 144 Wh. The Nomad has an indicator located on the battery showing the charge level.

Smart Reg:

The unique Smart Reg component of the Blu3 Nomad gives it its responsive, compacted, and energy-efficient quality. The Smart Reg has a silicon diaphragm that moves whenever a diver breathes. 

This sensor will measure the movement of the diaphragm and send a signal to the compressor. After this signal is sent, clean and breathable air gets pumped to match the diver’s breath and inhalation.


 The air compressor of the Nomad is custom-made to match the pressure, rate of flow, and dive depth a diver requires. The Nomad’s package has a floatation shell that surrounds the air compressor, giving it more buoyancy. 

The presence of the floatation shell makes the need for a floatation tube almost useless, as this shell can give the air compressor enough buoyancy. This floatation shell is made of plastic and filled with foam, making it unsinkable. 

For buoyancy, a diver can use the Dry Float Bag as well.

User Experience from

From the United States


I wanted a little more air.

Reviewed in the United States on June 11, 2022

I liked the packaging/ backpack. It has a place for your flippers outside but needs a protective gear for your mask. I have used it a few times. It’s nice I can change the battery and continue. However, when diving from the shore, snorkel out till you get to where you want to.

Also, practice in a pool to get used to it. The first time I tried it, I pushed the black stopper all the way down cause the directions said not to lose the black stopper, and I felt like I couldn’t get a full breath. Other than that worked great. I could stay under for over 45 minutes. Though when it gets low on air, I didn’t feel it vibrate. It just got harder to breathe.

Terri Bateman

An amazing product – So Much Fun!

Reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2022

I have used it four times now, and I can attest it is a game changer for Spearfishing! My friends kept borrowing it and eventually got their own. Highly recommended product. Customer service is excellent also.


Awesome Dive System

Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2022

I purchased one and loved it. My wife showed interest, and now we have two. It pumps perfect amount of air and can stay down for an hour.

Howard S.

Game changer

Reviewed in the United States on July 17, 2022

This product is a game changer. No more heavy tanks and bulky needless gear on my back. Just pure fun diving.

Juan Francisco Gonzalez


Reviewed in the United States on February 12, 2022



The BLU3 Nomad has desirable qualities and shortcomings even though it is one of the best Airline Hookah dive systems. Here are some of the Pros/cons of the Blu3 Nomad hookah diving system.


  • There is usually an air pulse signal from the Smart Reg when the battery runs low.
  • 15 lb of lightweight
  • The battery is rechargeable and can be changed or swapped.
  • It comes with a nomad backpack
  • It is transported through flights as luggage.
  • You can always check the battery level using the charge level indicator located on the battery.


  • The maximum dive depth is 30 feet.
  • It is just for just one diver.
  • It is sold without a spare battery.
  • It does not have an air tank reserve.
  • The time limit for a charged battery is 45-60 minutes.

What’s In It For Buyers

Are you an experienced diver looking for a user-friendly dive system that ensures superior performance? Do you love kayaking or boating? Then the Blu3 hookah dive system is your best bet. 

Unlike other compressors that may get damaged if saltwater enters the pump, the Blu3 Nomad is custom-made to prevent damage from saltwater. 

The floating shell of the Blu3 Nomad is sure to keep you afloat as it is made from plastic and filled up with foam, making it practically unsinkable. You can also decide to use the Dry Float Bag for extra buoyancy and balance.

This easy-to-use dive system is sure to offer an extraordinary experience. You can imagine the thrill of breathing with ease underwater like a fish while you explore to your heart’s content.

 For more hookah diving systems like the BLU3 Nomad, check out the BLU3 Nemo, Brownie Third Lung, and the AirLine’s R360XL.

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