Hookah Diving System

The practice of going below water to interact with nature has been a recorded leisure activity in recent times. This activity is called diving and it is done for several reasons. 

This activity can be fun as well as dangerous. Divers are advised to partake in this activity only with the use of appropriate gear. One such gear is the hookah.

Hookah diving is also referred to as Snuba or Tankless diving. This diving system involves the use of gears that are ideal for divers who go on underwater exploration. Unlike the traditional scuba diving gear, the hookah gear is not cumbersome and it allows the diver to explore with minimal risk.

Are you a diving enthusiast who wants to know more about the hookah diving system? Well, read on to find out more about this diving system.

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17 Answers You Should Know (Beginners Guide)

Diving has been known to be a passionate sport that has gathered a lot of recognition over the years. There are several diving systems and the Hookah or Snuba diving system is one of them.

This article will focus on giving an overview and detailed information on the hookah diving system. It will also answer so many pressing questions asked by diving enthusiasts on the hookah diving system.

What Is the Hookah Diving System?

So many divers who have mastered the art of snorkeling and want to level up on traditional scuba diving settle for hookah diving. Its gear allows divers to explore the world of the underwater without using the normal but heavy traditional scuba diving gear.

The hookah diving system is one of the safest ways to go on explorations underwater. This system combines the safety and free will snorkeling gives with the breathing techniques of the scuba. The compressor that delivers air to the diver in a hookah diving system can last up to 3.5 hours.

The compressor is also designed to serve more rather than one diver as well. The divers in a hookah diving system make use of a second-stage regulator with low pressure, unlike the traditional scuba regulator.

What Is Hookah Diving & Is It Safe?

Hookah diving is usually done at a  height of 40 feet underwater. Other hookah systems have been designed to go lower to 65 feet. Although it does not pose a great risk, safety should be a priority at all times.

In hookah diving, a low-pressure regulator powers a compressor that uses either gas or battery to supply air to a diver through a long hose. To ensure safety, you must have a scuba certification before you can purchase a hookah diving system to ensure safety. 

This is done to ensure you know and will follow all the laid down safety rules that apply to scuba diving as they also apply to hookah diving. Before getting a scuba certification, you must have been taught safety factors and have gone through various safety exercises.

What Advantages Can Hookah Dive Systems Offer?

Diving in general comes with a lot of risks and advantages as well and the hookah diving system is no exemption. The hookah diving system lies in between the normal practice of snorkeling and the rush that comes with full-time scuba diving. 

Most divers believe the hookah diving system is the next big leap in the sport of diving. It has advantages over the traditional sport of scuba diving. In hookah dive systems, a diver will be less concerned about falling sick of decompression. Divers will not also worry about running out of oxygen. 

Swimming without the cumbersome 

oxygen tanks used in scuba diving make hookah diving easier. This is one of the reasons why so many divers prefer it to scuba diving. It is easier, stress-free, and offers chances for exploration with fewer risks.

What Types of Hookah Dive Systems Should You Go With?

The hookah dive system is an enticing sport considering its many alluring features. The lightweight nature and absence of cumbersome gear make it more charming than the traditional sport of scuba diving.

This dynamic system of diving consists of two diving systems. There is the dynamic hookah diving system which supplies air at the right pressure to a diver through an air compressor. There is also the static diving system which gets its air source from a scuba tank or compressed gas cylinder.

These two hookah dive systems are safe and easy to use and maintain. One of the most commonly used brands of hookah dive systems is Brownie’s Third Lung. It gives divers the freedom of exploration without the weight of gears or tank fills.

What You Should Go with for Tankless/Hookah Dive Systems?

No matter the type of diving exploration you wish to do underwater, the hookah dive system should be one choice on your list of diving options. 

Your choice of equipment or material to go with for a tankless diving system depends on the kind of exploration or activity you wish to engage in underwater. For general explorations using the hookah diving system, you would need to take a dive mask, dive knife, dive light, fins, and weight belts.

AirLine's R260-4 Hookah Dive System
  • The Original direct-drive hookah. U.S. made Thomas Industries compressor mounted on Honda engine.
  • Fan-cooled, vented compressor for internal wash-out with no disassembly.
  • Solid Brass, Nickel Plated hose fittings, not plastic like others use. CGA-E, air-breathing quality
  • Compressors easily serviced in the field in minutes
  • Performance: 2 to depth of 70 Ft., 3 to 40 Ft. w/Add Diver package

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If you wish to go spearfishing as an activity, then you would need to take a spear, pole, or a spear gun. Alternatively, if you wish to go lobstering, then you would need to take lobstering gear as well.

Gas Powered Compressor Vs. Electric (Battery)? Advantages / Disadvantages

There are two versions of the hookah dive system. There is the gas version and the electric or battery version as well. While they are both used by divers, they also have their different distinctive qualities, as well as advantages and disadvantages. 

A 2.5 quartz of the gas version of the hookah diving system can give about 3 hours of oxygen and dive time. One disadvantage of the gas system is that it is loud. The electric version can be recharged at intervals, giving more dive time. One disadvantage is that it consumes electricity to recharge.

Although the two versions are unique and are adopted by divers, the electric hookah dive system is preferred. This is because it does not need too much maintenance. It is also not too loud and it is easy to start compared to the gas version.

HPDMC Oil-free Hookah Dive System 12V Storage Battery Drive(Battery Not Included) Serface Vacuum Pump with 1x50 FT Hose &...
  • Voltage: 12V storage battery drive(battery is not included), Power: 550W, Working Pressure: 0.8MPa / 8bar / 110psi, Flow Charging Rate: 60L/min; 2.0cfm, Type: Oil-free pump, no need any lubricate oil to take in, Receiver tank: 10 liters stainless steel.
  • Working process: Atmosphere air is sucked into cylinder of the compressor, and compressed to reach 0.3mpa - 0.8mPa / 40 psi - 110 psi pressure, through regulator with water separator , then purified by filter. Discharge clean air for diving breathing.
  • Filtration for breathing air (Active carbon filter): The outlet air purification depends on the activated carbon and molecular sieve, so filter elements must be replaced periodically, especially for breathe purpose. The deepest working distance is up to 30 meters for one hose; 10-15 meters for both if connects to two hoses.
  • Direct driven type compressor: This air compressor is the main body of the electromechanical air source device. It is the device that converts the mechanical energy of the primary motion (usually the motor) into the gas pressure energy, and is the pressure generating device for compressed air. The pump block unit is composed of crankcase, crankshaft, cylinder, piston, intake and discharge valves, connect rod , bearing etc.
  • Application: Widely used in Kayak Dive, Hookah Dive, Long Hose Gauge Scuba Diving, Commercial Boat Cleaning, Pool Cleaning, Dive Inspection, Lobstering Diving Propeller inspection etc.

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What Are Tankless Dive Systems: Uses?

The tankless dive system is one of the commonly used diving systems because of its many characteristics and factors. It offers both beginners and experienced divers the opportunity to delve into the underwater world and explore to their satisfaction.

Aside from ensuring a memorable diving experience, here are some uses of tankless dive systems.

  • They are user-friendly
  • They are very portable
  • They give you better chances to explore underwater for videos and photos.
  • They make lobstering or spearfishing activities easy.

The uses of the tankless dive system cannot be overemphasized as it involves a lot of peculiarities. New or inexperienced divers can use this system after undergoing a basic training exercise for safety.

What Are a Hookah Diving System’s Primary Components?

As earlier stated, the hookah diving system does not require a lot of components. Unlike traditional scuba diving, the hookah diving system uses a few components to function properly.

The hookah diving system kit already encompasses most of the needed components. Some of these components are the air reserve masks, air hose, air compressor, harness, and regulator. They are the basic or primary components of the hookah diving system. A diver should add fins and a dive mask.

These components are very necessary for every diving expedition. The hookah diving system kit should be cross-checked before every exploration to ensure all these components are intact to avoid being open to risks.

Should You Know How to Swim Before Trying Hookah Diving?

Safety is the watchword of every sport or leisure activity. Although new or inexperienced enthusiasts may want to try hookah diving, there are some rules guiding this sport that must be followed for safety measures.

Although hookah diving can be done by new divers, there are some catches. One recommended rule is that all divers go for swimming lessons and undergo scuba diving courses before trying hookah diving. This is for them to become certified divers and know all the safety rules and regulations there are.

As stated earlier, all the safety rules that apply to scuba diving also apply to hookah diving. After going through scuba diving courses, divers are sure to learn about all the safety indicators and factors necessary to try hookah diving.

How Do Hookah Dive Systems Work in Brief?

The hookah dive system is unique in its mechanics and working. They come in different sizes and can serve more than one diver. Its mechanics and working are quite different from the traditional scuba diving system.

A hookah diving system is made up of a gas or battery-powered compressor delivering air through a long hose to a diver. This long hose is called down line and divers are required to wear a harness. The harness is where their weight belts and downline meet. A second-stage regulator is used as well.

This second stage regulator is peculiar to and was made specifically to work with the hookah diving system. The traditional scuba diving regulator will not have any effect if used on a hookah diving system.

How Deep Can You Go with Hookah Dive Systems (Hookah Diving Depth Limits)?

Although there are risks, there are also benefits the hookah dive system offers especially to new or inexperienced divers. Its lightweight nature makes it impossible for a new diver to dive far below the limit.

There are simple hookah dive systems and there are advanced hookah dive systems as well. The minimum depth limit of the hookah dive system is 40 feet. The advanced hookah diving systems are made to accommodate two divers at a minimum depth of 80 feet. 

There are also advanced hookah dive systems that support a diver to go to a depth of 65 feet as well. While using these advanced systems, divers are always reminded to observe every safety rule and regulation to avoid putting themselves at great risk.

How Long Can You Stay Underwater Using Hookah Dive Systems?

The hookah diving system provides a fun and recreational activity and sport. Many exploration enthusiasts would give anything for the opportunity to explore the underwater world. The use of the hookah dive system looks to be an answer to their prayers.

Although most diving enthusiasts may want to stay longer underwater, the hookah dive system is programmed to last for a minimum of 3 hours. In some cases, the hookah dive system lasts for 3 hours and 30 minutes. In this time limit, more than one diver can use the air supply as well.

This diving system is usually engineered by a battery or one of the best hookah dive system gas-powered air compressors. This air compressor is in charge of supplying air through a hose to the diver or divers for a minimum time limit of 3 hours and a maximum of 3 hours, 30 minutes.

Can You Get “The Bends” from Hookah Rig?

Although there are so many benefits and advantages attached to the hookah diving system, there are also serious health challenges as well. One of them is known as the bends. It can be a very serious health challenge if treated properly.

The bends also called Decompression sickness can happen to a diver using the hookah diving system. This sickness is common in diving especially when a diver pulls up to the water surface very quickly. This health problem is peculiar to hookah diving, especially with new and inexperienced divers.

Hookah divers are therefore advised to follow the safety rules and regulations when diving to avoid this health challenge. Divers are made to go through several safety courses and read books on hookah diving safety as well to prevent it.

5 Reasons Why Snuba (Hookah Diving System) Is Better Than Scuba Diving?

Scuba diving is a wholesome activity and sport engaged in by so many individuals irrespective of age. It has recently been perceived as being old-fashioned since the introduction of the hookah diving system.

Here are some advantages of the hookah diving system over scuba diving.

  • There are no heavy gears to carry.
  • The air supply can be used by more than one diver.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • There are floating platforms that show your exact location. 
  • Divers can stay longer underwater compared to scuba diving.

While the scuba diving system makes use of heavy gears, air supply channels for just one diver, and short dive periods, the hookah diving system is the exact opposite. Although there are rechargeable scuba tankless diving gears available, the hookah diving system is still preferred by most divers.

Is It Worthwhile to Own a Unit of the Hookah Diving System?

With a good knowledge of different underwater procedures and techniques, many divers go as far as wanting to own a unit of hookah diving system. This will give them the freedom to go on so many underwater expeditions, whether casual, spearfishing, or lobstering activities.

If you are a diving enthusiast and a lover of the underwater, then owning a unit of hookah diving system can be a worthwhile investment. Owning a unit of the hookah diving system means unlimited access to underwater explorations.

Owning a hookah diving unit is very convenient for diving activities or for going on fishing expeditions. Owning a unit is also necessary, especially in areas of high aquacultural activities.

Our Top #3 Hookah Dive Systems

If you have an interest in hookah diving, the first step is to get started on swimming lessons. You can then get a tutor or hookah dive system tour guide to show you the equipment and teach you about it. Learning it with the presence of an expert has its perks.

There are several diving systems. Some of them are;

Airline’s R360xl Hookah Dive System

One of the unique diving systems you can find is the Airline’s R360xl hookah dive system. It is one of a kind with an easy setup and top-quality connections.

The Airline’s R360xl hookah dive system is a marine-friendly system cooled by a fan that is six inches and is mounted on the engine shaft. It has a workforce compressor that has a Honda Motor assembly with a storage case that is 19 X 25 X 17 inch high.

The air supply system is of standard quality and it supplies enough air to a diver. It is also very easy to start and does not require a lot of workforce in its operation.

Blu3 Nemo Dive System

The Blu3 Nemo Dive system is used for a treasured shallow diving experience. It used a battery-powered air compressor that was very portable. It allows a dive limit of 10 feet.

The Blu3 Nemo Dive System is a perfect choice for inexperienced divers. It can also be used by individuals who dive for fun or as a recreational activity. It has one of the smallest weights and sizes of hookah diving systems. Divers using the Blu3 Nemo Dive System have a dive limit of 10 feet.

If you are an adventurer or explorer, then the Blu3 Nemo Dive System is perfect for you. You can also use the Blu3 Nemo Dive System when going for treasure hunt expeditions.

Blu3 Nomad

The Blu3 Nomad is a special diving system used expertly. There will be a floating unit that will be above the water surface while the dive goes underwater. The air compressor of a Blu3 Nomad dive system is powered by a battery.

The Blu3 Nomad is a good choice for expert divers. It can also be used by divers who are experts in snorkeling. It is user-friendly and will give a fulfilling diving experience. Divers using the Blu3 Nomad System have a dive limit of 30 feet.

It is a compact, user-friendly diving system. It is also air-plane friendly and lightweight and will give you a fun-filled diving experience.

Best Tankless Diving Gear You’ll Want or Need in Addition

There are so many tankless driving gears available for exploration and expedition activities. Are you a diving enthusiast? Do you feel the need to practice tankless driving? Here are some tankless driving gears you can check out.

‏‏Brownie’s Third Lung Sea Lion 3.0 Battery Powered Diving System

This tankless dive system is one option that is high in demand because of its unique features and specifications. It can be found in most resorts for charter.

With Brownie’s Third Lung Sea Lion 3.0 Battery Powered Diving System, divers can adjust their air compressors. This is done to meet their underwater oxygen demand. When a diver needs less oxygen, he can reduce his air compressor. He can also increase his air compressor when he needs more oxygen.

The Brownie’s Third Lung Sea Lion 3.0 Battery Powered Diving System has a minimum diving depth of 15 feet. Its maximum diving depth is 65 feet as well. Divers are advised to be cautious when using this system and observe all the safety precautions necessary.

110E260 Electric Powered Unit by AirLine

One of the best Airline Hookah dive systems is the 110E260 Electric Powered Unit by AirLine. The 110E260 Electric Powered Unit by AirLine is a lightweight, compacted system that can be used for both personal and commercial uses. It uses an electric-powered air compressor that is quiet compared to its gas-powered counterpart.

An advanced 110E260 Electric Powered Unit by AirLine can even accommodate up to three divers. It is a two-diver system that uses 110-120 volts of electric-powered air compressors in its operation. Boaters who wish to dive and explore can use this system as it gives a maximum diving experience.

This diving system comes fully equipped so all you need is your snorkeling, lobstering, or spearfishing gear to go. The 110E260 Electric Powered Unit is powered electrically and has an adjustable air supply unit.

Brownie’s Third Lung Deluxe Floating Hookah

This hookah diving system makes the beach and boat diving experience an epic one. It is great for lobstering, spearfishing, recreational diving, photography, and videography.

The Brownie’s Third Lung Deluxe Floating Hookah has two air supply systems. Air can be drawn from the water surface with the use of an oil-less air compressor. Air can also be stored in a scuba cylinder above the water surface with an air hose connected for air supply.

Brownie’s Third Lung Deluxe Floating Hookah can supply air to three divers. Three air hoses can be connected to the air-compressed cylinder to accommodate three divers efficiently.

Final Thoughts

The hookah diving system is open to all divers and diving enthusiasts. It can be practiced by everyone irrespective of sex or age. This fun-filled diving system is ideal for exploring underwater either for fishing, photography, videography, or recreation.

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