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It’s a great time to log your dives and build a unique customized dive profile with Scubapro uwatec wristwatch.

scubapro uwatec ,wrist dive computer, Best scubapro Dive computer,scubapro uwatec Buyer Guide ,scubapro uwatec Review

Today dive lovers can avail the opportunity to customize their profile with this latest technology.

You can now keep tracking your breathing workload, heart rate, and also skin temperature control with this dive computing innovation.

Scubapro unique wrist dive computer has everything you will need to maximize your unique underwater experience. The fully functional wrist mount dive computer helps you to grow your dive knowledge and take a step forward with this innovative computer.

The classy look of this watch looks perfect on your wrist and offers choices of different screen configurations. You can now easily navigate with the help of three marked control buttons.

The amazing thing to know about this dive computer is that it incorporates the latest algorithm, which adds additional safety layers in your diving way.

Scubapro uwatec wrist dive Top features

Scubapro invests in innovative engineering of dive computing. Evaluate the Scubapro uwatec features like heart rate, skin temperature, and breathing workload.

Uwatec is the best Scubapro dive computer that has everything amazing you need in a dive watch.

The powerful dive computer can handle the nitrox mixture of up to 100%. The best part about this dive watch is that it offers excellent air integration levels, which has an impressive logbook to store useful data of each dive. 

In Scubapro uwatechc review, it has been noted that Uwatec accompanies all core SCUBAPRO innovation and highlights offered on the Galileo Sol except different excellent safety tools.

These features are accessible at your advanced Scubapro seller and can be included rapidly utilizing dedicated additions.  Some of its unique features are:

  • Upgraded Multi-Gas: Purchasing the PMG amazing features will allow you to use this wrist computer with three nitrox blends (21-100% O2) during the jump, ascertaining the rising timetable for every conceivable mix of the customized blends.
  • The result of the diverse decompression counts can appear on the screen in a devoted deco outline screen.  
  • Pulse Monitoring: The best Scubapro dive computers have a pulse screen, together created with Polar, which is the leader of pulse screening.
  • The feature can show your pulse rate and skin temperature during the plunge that can be considered into the decompression time in underwater.
  • The HRM is additionally perfect for freedivers, estimating pulse and sounding an alert if the pulse dips under the set level.
  • Extra-large matrix screen: The amazing large three sot matrix screen will allow you to choose any display mode. The innovative tool will motivate you to personalize your dive data in any way.

Ultimate buyer guide Scubapro uwatec wrist dive

The more you know about diving, the better you will experience the underwater joy. It is an aspect of life, including scuba diving, which is a fun activity.

Various best Scubapro dive computers are a real bottom-line dive calculator or a decompression dive planner.

It is a depth gauge that offers a great set of features that make diving act a great spot of enjoyment. One of the famous and best dive computers is Scubapro wrist uwatec that has a sleep design. In this Scubapro uwatec buyer guide, you will evaluate the top best, and popular Scubapro watches.

The uwatec Scubapro dive computer has a full-tilt compass which has a great bearing memory. It has an extra-large display for an easy to read underwater experience. The signals will keep your diving drives safe in-depth. The alarms and compass of these watches will enable you to dive without any underwater hurdles.

Top 5 Scubapro uwatec wrist dive Computers

Uwatec Galileo sol dive wrist computer

Uwatec Galileo sol dive wrist computer

The company Galileo sol offering an advanced technology wrist dive computers.

The Uwatec Galileo sol dive wrist computer intended with an advanced list of features that makes the diving experience more tremendous and safer.

Its compass feature allows divers to focus on their dive journeys. 


  • The dive computer is accessible in wrist-mounted or comfort forms.
  • Illuminated LCD screen presents the most important dive data with a two-button simple operation. 
  • Fit for exchanging between three different nitrox blends for underwater dive
  • USB transfer feature is additionally conceivable with the utilization of a different optional cable

Scubapro meridian dive computer

The meridian dive wrist computer launched with an amazing feature of predictive multi-gas which allow you to calculate the decompression schedule.

Scubapro meridian dive computer

It is a complete dive planner that calculates not only the deco time but also captures the ascent rate, workload, and previous diving data.


  • The extensive menu framework is traversable through four attractive catches.
  • Suitable for gas exchanging between up to six nitrox blends accessible. 
  • Lithium-particle battery gives as long as 60 hours of good dive time. 
  • The screen gives 600 hours of graphical plunge profiles.

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Uwatec Galileo LUNA dive computer:

Uwatec Galileo LUNA dive computer

The LUNA Scubapro wristwatch computer is the latest version of the Scubapro Galileo sol device. 

The single-gas LUNA dive wrist computer comes up with a brilliant display screen choice which can be flipped 180°.

The goal is to present three control button features for safe and easy underwater diving.  


  • Remote air integration which allows you to have bottom time calculations
  • Predictive Multi-Gas feature permits gas exchanging between three nitrox blends, pulse screens. 
  • Comes with decompression profiles dependent on the diver’s task 
  • The free-diving update is accessible at low rates, which is suitable for beginners.

Scubapro Mantis 2.0 wrist computer

Mantis 2.0 is one of the best and recommended dive computers that have human factor diving technology.

Scubapro Mantis 2.0 wrist computer

The intuitive product is loaded up with amazing underwater functions, including electronic compass and air integration, which let you dive in safe mode. 


  • Certified for air and nitrox divers
  • Calculate the current dive and nitrogen load
  • Intended with a predictive multi-gas algorithm
  • Smart wireless technology air integration can handle multi transmitters.

Scubapro Chromis dive computer

Do you love sporty die computer watch? Scubapro is now offering Chromis dive wrist computer watches that are suitable for both diving and sports.

The amazing dive computer caters to the technical and free diver’s issues and handles the profile of all outdoor activities.  

Scubapro Chromis dive computer


  • Allows providing up to six gas blends, including Trimix and up to 100 percent oxygen
  • The High-goals screen is LED illuminated with a battery-powered battery.
  • Battery endures as long as 40 hours in plunge mode.
  • It has a GPS system utilized to store different viewpoints for the water section and dive profiles.

Scubapro uwatec smart com manual

If the diver wants to have a smart and remarkable experience of diving, then there are chances of accidents. If you are a beginner in the diving field, then you may experience difficulties resulting in sickness or device damages.

Now you can analyze the decompression grade by using the infrared interface of Smart com manual software. With the smart tool, you can mount the high-pressure level while diving underwater in the first stage. In the HP outlet, you can set the high-pressure hose with a regulator. 

In the first stage, if you figure out any threads that do not match with the diving data, then you can obtain the adaptor to contact anyone near your place. You can now build a clear connection with a compatible wrench.

The display on the uwatec smart manual tool can illuminate on underwater and surface quickly. You can use the backlight that can be switched on the above display screen. After the 8 seconds of continuous use, the light will automatically runoff, but you can also set the time by using smart track software. 

Scubapro uwatec battery replacement

Do you know that diving can become tough when it comes to managing the time of wrist computers? Well, most of the Scubapro dive computers are not intended with the battery replacement option.

However, in this best Scubapro dive computer, there is an additional oil filled technology is used. The amazing oil-filled batteries are replaceable and can be easily worked for long hours. You will no longer need to replace these batteries that will destroy or harm your computer.

The thing to know about these wristwatches is that you can now contact the Scubapro team for the replacement of old transmitter batteries.

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