If you are a diver, you must have heard cold water diving is not a piece of cake and you may get shivers yourself once you hear about tit. But this fact is also well known that cold water diving is more fun than the warm water as you get to see more variety of underwater life and existence.

But diving at temperature as low as 60F is no joke.


But if the required and adequate arrangements are made before diving in the freezing water, one can easily dive without a problem as some one said it rightly it not the told water that spoils the fun but being cold is.

So, once you tackle this cold problem you are good go.

Why so?

because under freezing water, the low temperature makes the gas in the cylinder to freeze.

the ice forms in the internal working apparatus of the regulator which causes it to be cloaked by the ice and so it doesn’t work properly.

So, for that matter one needs a special kind of cold regulators which is environmentally sealed to avoid contact between the cold water and internal apparatus, composed of metal steal stage to provide more thermal conductivity which retains heat.

Sounds complex? Still confused? Let me make it easy for you. Here is the list of top 10 regulators I recommend for cold water below 40 F.

Now the question rises why not usual regulators can be used in cold water. Well simply because they don’t serve the purpose & you are here to know best 10 Regulator ON Cold Water

(1) Aqua Lung Legend Glacia

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this is one of the best regulators that has been designed for any temperature of the water and at any depth. It provides effortless breathing to the diver.

It has silicone lip shield to keep lips warm, adjustable inhalation efforts, environmentally sealed and for added thermal conductivity 3 heat exchangers are present.

Its drawback is that it is heavier to carry is not an ideal regulator for traveling. Designed for harsh conditions of ice a good choice over all.

(2) Scubapro MK25 Evo A700

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it is an excellent regulator for cold water diving with an amazing breathing performance. The cold efficiency is enhanced by 30% over MK25. This one also comes with user adjustable inhalation efforts. It has a few lacking like this one is not environmentally sealed and the price is little too high.

(3) Scubapro MK17 Evo A700

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let’s talk about the pros first which makes it one of the best choices. It has technical diving ap to 70 m, cool glasses, helps in ice and topical diving, is lightweight and comfortable, environmentally sealed, metal 1st and 2nd stage which increases thermal conductivity and adjustable diver settings.

Now the only single con is the price. It is quite expensive than the other regulators in the market.

(4) Mares Abyss 22 Navy 11

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it is one of the top-ranked regulators of the cold water diving. The best features include the systems which make it environmentally sealed, it has 2nd stage made of metal to keep the temperature within the regulator above freezing point.

Another best thing about this regulator is that it is cheaper than the others available in the market and is affordable by anyone.

With pros come the cons. So, the most important disadvantage is the lack of adjustment option available for divers and the second one is its unbalanced 2nd stage system.

But overall it a good regulator with long life and good working. You can definitely choose it as your diving companion in cold water.

(5) Sherwood Blizzard Pro

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this is another good cold-water regulator. Like many others, it is environmentally sealed.

The price is also Affordable by many as it lies in a low price range,2nd stage is made of metal which prevents freezing in the 2nd stage and makes the regulator work efficiently.

The cons of this cold regulator are it has no adjustable inhalation efforts system and the 2nd stage is made of plastics instead of metal so is not very efficient in preventing freezing at extremely low temperatures.

But still, it has a new generation blizzard and is highly recommended for those who work more often in cold waters than in warm waters. So, if you get your hands on this one, feel fry to buy it.

(6) Huish Outdoors Atomic T3 Titanium Regulator

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This regulator is good for travel diving. It has one of the best and most reliable seat systems available in the industry. It provides nitrox ready for availability and the mixture up to 40% is available.

It is much durable and cheaper than the rest of its kind. It also it comes with very low maintenance expenditure so a win win from all sides.

(7) Aqua Lung Calypso Classic Regulator

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Aqualung calypso regulator is very reliable, refreshed, and robust. It has been among favorites of many divers for decades now.

It is much suitable for the beginners and light weight divers and is most commonly used in different dive centers for teaching purposes.

(8) Oceanic Alpha 8 Scuba Regulator

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IT is also one of the low budget cold water regulator that is  easily available everywhere and is a preferred one because of being  very economical to afford and inexpensive to maintain. What else you need ?

(9) Zeagle F8 Regulator, Yoke

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its price is about $618. It is aconital precision high pressure which makes it much reliable and is more responsive at a performance at any breathing rate.

(10) Oceanic Alpha 9 CDX-5 Regulator, DIN

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 One of the prominently best things about this regulator is that it possesses the best size to performance ratio in its class. Basically, it is designed for the divers in us navy class A standard in 108 feet.

Also, the maintenance is not very costly which makes it loved by all.

So, I hope now you now which regulator suits you the most and the decision making would be rather easy. 

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