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Scubapro Dive Knifes is an essential tool for the safety of divers. They carry this tool to cut out large entanglements underwater.

Scubapro dive knifes , Best Scubapro dive knifes , Scubapro dive knifes reviews , Best Scubapro dive knifes 2020 , Scubapro dive knifes ultimate guide , Dive knifes ,

There are wide ranges of Scubapro knifes available in the market that are made with stainless steel and have a long life.

Scubapro has created two types of dive knifes for worldwide professional divers.

Titanium Scubapro knifes are very lightweight and robust. They weigh twice as meager as comparable size steel jump blades. Titanium best Scubapro dive knifes 2020 are additionally impervious to erosion, which implies that blades produced using these materials are maintenance-free.

Scubapro dive knifes
Best Scubapro dive knifes
Scubapro dive knifes reviews
Best Scubapro dive knifes 2020
Scubapro dive knifes ultimate guide 
Dive knifes

On the other hand, stainless steel Scubapro dive knifes are anything but difficult to hone. They require more support to keep them from rusting.

Top Rated Best Scubapro Dive Knifes 2020:

Scubapro K-6 Knife:

In case if you want and are looking for a full-sized dive knife, then you should choose an all-purpose Scubapro k-6 knife. It Included a quality tempered steel edge with a customary clasp point; the K6 offers a fine empty ground front line on the lower edge of the cutting edge.

The dive knife is best for making clean cutting cuts, and a serrated edge on top. The formed handle has a finger indent and a ribbed surface to make it simple to keep up a strong grasp, in any event, when wearing wet gloves. 


  • Made with 15cm stainless steel blades
  • Have ergonomic grip handle
  • A quality stainless hammer present in the handle
  • It is intended with a molded stealth.
  • Have a quick adjustable buckle strap 
  • Comes up with a traditional Clip Point


  • Have open-ended one handle that is easy to use
  • Can be stored in BCD pocket 


  • Require regular maintenance to keep the dive knife functional 

Scubapro Mako Titanium Dive Knife:


The Scuba Mako titanium plunging blade is a brilliant erosion safe, support free, broadly useful dive blade. Scuba rust-proof titanium cutting edge of 3. 5-Inch is inconceivably solid and has the hardness to take and hold a sharp edge. The multi-work edge includes a serrated edge for sawing through rope, an ordinary edge for making clean cutting cuts, and a line-cutting score perfect for diving safety.


  • Made with titanium material to provide free cutting performance
  • Conventional edges can cut numerous materials. 
  • Serrated edges are ideal for heavier ropes.
  • The bottle opener is available for dive convenience.
  • Dive Knife can handle plenty of gripping areas to avoid slipping.


  • It is easy to use and compact.
  • Its tip design is versatile and feels lightweight.


  • Will require efforts and time to sharpen the edges.

Scubapro Universal safety Tool – Diving gauge


The Universal mesh cutter is the latest diving gauge intended to be utilized with a pulling as opposed to pushing movement. It gives much better influence, additionally cutting force with less exertion, and it builds security.

It is an adaptable and amazingly successful cutting apparatus for an assortment of jumping and marine applications. The tempered steel body is planned with indents for keeping up a protected hold when cutting.


  • The blade is formed with a hardened steel cutting edge and is ideal for cutting through lines and mesh.
  • The device accompanies an eyelet for running a security cord.
  • A molded shackle key is accommodated with pontoon jumpers. 
  • The polyester sheath is incorporated for safe stockpiling and transport.


  • Extremely robust and rugged
  • Provide phenomenal corrosion resistance 


  • No dedicated line cutter is present.

Promate Scuba Snorkeling Dive Knife:


It is one of the best Scubapro dive knifes which have plenty of blades. The Scubapro dive knife has a high cutting edge capacity on both the straight and serrated edges of the blade.

The joined line shaper likewise makes simple work of angling lines. The cutting edge and handle are moderately thick and are matt shading. It seems to have the option to hold an edge for longer than comparable cutting edges.  


  • Promate Snorkeling dive knife is made with pure titanium
  • Best suitable for professional and beginner scuba divers
  • intended with a secure strap and sheath
  • Comes up with sturdy corrosion-resistant surface
  • Two types of edges present which are Straight and serrated for easiness
  • Overall length is approximately 10.5 inch


  • Durable and strong
  • Comes up with sharp edges that work for a long time


  • Not ideal for those who have smaller hands

5 inches Titanium Dive Knife with Sheath and Leg Strap:


5” titanium dive knife is designed for the divers who love to go deep in oceans and lakes. It is immensely a practical tool that is worth buying. The knife intended with a line cutter and a serrated edge to cut hard ropes.

You can tackle multiple tasks without any discomfort. The quality of the outer plastic sheath the blade cuts. The knife itself has a hard rubber that provides easy to use accessibility. 


  • Corrosion-resistant Titanium blade
  • Have curved 5 inches cutting edge
  • You can quickly adjust the sheath straps.
  • Have serrated edges with line-cutting edges
  • It has a lightweight sheath for locking with push-buttons


  • Provide excellent and comfortable grip
  • It is affordable, and features severe great value for money.


  •  The release button may feel little iffy

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Scuba Choice Diving Compact with Tip BCD Knife


Do you need a compact Scubapro dive knife for your diving and regular use? If yes, then you must consider a scuba choice compact knife. The handle of the Scuba choice diving knife is intended for a simple and ergonomic hold in each position: hitting, wounding, or exactness cuts, with the thumb on top.

The handle likewise has a watchman offering assurance against the sharp edge. It is made of reused ABS.  


  • It is made with a high quality 420 stainless steel body.
  • Its 2.3″ blade provides a sharp cutting edge feature.
  • The approximate length of this knife is 7 inches.
  • Comes up with a molded nylon grip


  • It is small and can be store in BCD pockets 
  • Can be used with open one hand


  • Require daily maintenance to work perfectly

Full Buying Guide about Best Scubapro Dive Knifes

The Scubapro dive knifes ultimate guide was intended to measure each blade’s cutting capacity, ergonomics, and pricing for plunge use. There are a few primary things that you need to consider while buying the best dive knifes.

Knife blades:

The blades of the Scubapro dive knife can be serrated, non-serrated, or blended. Serrated sharp edges are useful for cutting plant growth, while non-serrated edges are better for cutting plastic and other material. 

Scubapro dive knifes

Best Scubapro dive knifes
Scubapro dive knifes reviews
Best Scubapro dive knifes 2020
Scubapro dive knifes ultimate guide 
Dive knifes 2020


Blades were considered for execution of their grasps, sheaths, and locking instrument, including: 

  • Security of sheath or collapsing lock 
  • Ease of expelling and supplanting from the sheath  
  • Security/solace of hold when cutting 
  • Feel, fit and finish of the blade 


The guide was intended to decide a blade’s protection from breaking or rusting. 

Pry test: The Knife blade was embedded 1 inch into a square of wood, and a 10-pound weight was dangled from the finish of the handle to check its quality. 

Consumption resistance: It was planned to imitate a day of jumping followed by gear support, as circumstances where flushing rigging may be postponed. Blades were lowered in saltwater for six hours, at that point washed in new water, dismantled where conceivable and dried.  

Final verdict:

A Scubapro dive knifes are useful safety tools for divers and spearfishers. The small safety accessory can have an immense effect if you get trapped in an angling line, net, or ocean growth. A blade can likewise fill in as a stay to the ocean bed in substantial current and flow or a ‘tank-knocker’ to stand out enough to be noticed.

In the latest Scubapro dive knifes reviews, you will have to choose what you think you should have for having excellent diving experience. Pick the correct device for the activity.

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