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Create your customized dive profile with an advanced technology Scubapro dive computers.

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The device measures your diving depth, time and measures breathing workload, heart rate, and body temperature. 

Download and store your diving profiles easily onto your best Scubapro Dive Computer.

All Scubapro diving PCs are anything but difficult to utilize, simple to peruse, and necessarily make your jumps increasingly charming.

Scubapro Dive Computer
best Scubapro Dive Computer
10 best Scubapro Dive Computer
Top Rated Scubapro Dive Computer
Scubapro Dive Computer reviews
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Scubapro Dive accessories

Scubapro offers you a wide range of styles in the classification of jump PCs. You can get comfort or a wrist PC, with or without a transmitter. Or on the other hand, you can get a wrist dive computer, which you can likewise wear on your regular days, expressing that you are a piece of the jump network. There are specific features that are highly recommended and famous in the market.

Advanced features found in latest Scubapro dive wrist computers:

Air Consumption:

A few Scubapro dive PCs remotely connect with a transmitter in your first stage and can give you data about residual air stress. They will likewise reveal to you how rapidly you are expanding your air and will compute how much time it will take you at the water depth before you go through it. 

Gas blends or Oxygen Exposure:

Another advanced component accessible in certain Scubapro dive PCs is monitoring various gas mixes and oxygen consumption when diving with superior air and Nitrox modes. Some will even deal with different mixes and permit you to switch between each mode during diving. 


In specific Scubapro Dive Computer reviews, a feature found is an electronic compass. They make the wristwatch delicate and even more sensitive. You might see several reviews and opinions about the usefulness and accuracy of the compass in the Scubapro computer. A few computers have worked on GPS, which allows you to label a particular arrangement to explore a dive vessel. 

A replaceable battery:

Does your dive PC need to be sent into a seller to have the battery changed? The Scubapro dive computers will cost you more in the long haul, as you should pay each time. All the dive computers of Scubapro are designed with a replaceable battery to provide convenience to the users.

Scubapro Diving PC type:

Scubapro PCs come in a wide range of shapes, and sizes have various highlights and huge cost contrasts. In certain pieces of the world, they can be a superficial point of interest (like the Scubapro titanium dive), and in different spots, they never observe them.

Top Rated 10 best Scubapro Dive Computers 2020:

Scubapro Chromis Scuba diving computer watch


The Scubapro Chromis is the top Rated Scubapro Dive Computer made for having level up dive experience, in or out of the water. Arriving at another degree of transparency, the enormous presentation and Katana-sharp characters are demonstrated to be extraordinarily discernible submerged. You’ll have a large group of instruments readily available, including a full-highlighted jump PC, apnea check, watch, and protected lap counter. 

Numerous mode capacities Scuba, measure, apnea, swim and watch modes, a built-in altimeter for any experience you may experience. The PC has an O-ring fixed battery compartment and is fueled by a client replaceable CR2430 lithium battery. The Chromis has PDIS and Nitrox modes from 21% to 100% with movable pp02. 


  • Intended with a dual watch function
  • The dive timepiece has an active backlight.
  • Dual time function let the divers dive with safety.


  • Strap Extension will not provide extra grip.

Scubapro Mantis M1 Scuba diving computer wristwatch:


The Scubapro Mantis M1 Dive Computer is driving the path with a quick calculation that changes with your Heart Rate. The Mantis Watch is the latest dive PC that matched with the discretionary Heart Rate Belt will tailor the body temperature.

Versatile Biometrics gives you an altered dive profile considering your outstanding task at hand. You can change the base calculation to your experience level, age, and state of being to all the more precisely evaluate your status.

The Marine Grade dive watch is made with 316L Stainless Steel. It has two-conditioned brushes with attractive catches to keep up the integrity to prevent any spills. Mineral glass ensures the LCD show for a new and bright screen. The Multi-Gas calculation permits the divers to convey high oxygen blends. 


  • Microbubble features allow the divers to maintain physical conditioning.  
  • Better access the diving workload at real-time


  • Sometimes in deep water, the computer is unable to track the strokes.

Scubapro Galileo Luna Wrist top scuba diving computer:


The GALILEO LUNA has each and everything that you need in an advanced single gas wrist dive watch. A compelling dive PC that handles nitrox stirs up to 100% O2 offers hoseless air-joining, and its calculation computes genuine staying base time (RBT). It accompanies outstanding amongst other advanced compasses around.

It joins Microbubble innovation and Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops, which react straightforwardly to your physiology to add layers of security to your plunging. Stacked with registering, route, and personalization highlights, you’d be unable to discover a wrist-mount PC that offers, so a lot yet is so natural to utilize.

Scubapro Dive Computer
Scubapro Dive accessories
best Scubapro Dive Computer
10 best Scubapro Dive Computer
Top Rated Scubapro Dive Computer
Scubapro Dive Computer reviews
alternative scuba drive watch

The best Scubapro Dive Computer offers a decision of three essential screen designs to suit your tastes. You can explore the underwater world through three advanced checked control features. Likewise, you can turn the screen at 180 degrees, empowering this dive PC to be worn with control fastens on top or base.

The instinctive computerized compass includes a real half-compass rose that can be utilized at full 90-degree tilt, making it an excellent guide to the submerged route.


  • The full-tilt compass intended with a bearing memory option
  • Upgraded with a heart rate feature


  • Bulky in size
  • Battery life is not good.

Scubapro black mantis M1 Scuba diving computer wristwatch:


A mix of complex dive computers and beautiful watch, the Scubapro MANTIS 1 (M1) is a wristwatch-style dive PC with everything you need. It is intended for jumpers who need the Smart innovation offered by SCUBAPRO’s earth-shattering Human Factor Diving, yet needn’t bother with air joining or an advanced onboard compass—providing a completely tweaked wristwatch-style plunge processing framework.

The M1 includes an outwardly satisfying showcase, an intuitive menu, and a basic roundabout route system, making it one of the easiest to use dive PCs. 

It offers a perfect equalization of topside features and submerged capacities. By giving progressively indispensable, individualized data in a natural conveyance feature, you’ll have the option to settle on intelligent choices dependent on robust individual information to make the diving time more secure and upgraded. It also helps you to improve your plunging abilities, and therefore, make your time spent submerged a hell of much increasingly fun.


  • The screen display is easy to read.
  • It can be worn ordinary
  • Can monitor the heart rate of divers


  • No Trimix mode available 

Scubapro Galileo Sol V9 Complete Wrist and transmitter:


The Galileo Sol was the first manufacturer to offer an incorporated pulse screen as standard gear and ultimate advanced and smart dive PC. It is included with a bar and digital compass. It is loaded with navigating computing and personalizing the dive features.

The predictive Multi-Gas ZHL8 ADT MB calculation permits you to utilize something like three nitrox blends. The PDIS (Profile Dependent Intermediate Stops) figures the middle of the road stop based on your nitrogen load, current plunge, past dives, and breathing blends.

Microbubble levels let you change the calculation’s conservativeness, permitting you to either take up less nitrogen or off-gas all the more rapidly. The Hoseless gas coordination gives tank pressure, genuine staying base time (RBT).

On the other hand, the heart rate screen records heartbeat and skin temperature (with SCUBAPRO HRM Belt) that can be figured into the decompression count alongside outstanding tasks at hand. The full tilt advanced compass with bearing memory gives a compelling navigating calculation. 


  • Three display modes allow divers to personalize their data.
  • Large easy to read display digits


  • Sometimes in deep water, it feels a little bulky.

Scubapro Chromis Scuba diving computer watch – Black:


The Scubapro Chromis Scuba dive computer/wrist watch works incredibly all through the water. Offering the entirety of SCUBAPRO’s dive PC highlights aside from Predictive Multi-gas (PMG), the SCUBAPRO CHROMIS astonishes with its large display, blackstrap body and extra-sharp alphanumeric characters propelled by Samurai katanas.

The four control modes are likewise all around set apart to direct you through an interface. It incorporates an automatic mode marker that consistently tells you where you are in the system.  

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On a superficial level of dive, the SCUBAPRO Chromis black offers full timekeeping capacities, in addition to double time, a morning timer, and a stopwatch. In Swim mode, you have the utilization of a protected stroke counter for surface swimming. You will have a full-included deco PC with three modes: Scuba, Gauge, and Free-diving. 


  • Intended with Patent swimming stroke counter
  • it is easy to use with four simple button interface


  • It is a little expensive than all other dive computers

Scubapro Subgear XP-Air Quick Release computer:


Scubapro designed subgear diving tools for the beginners. The subgear XP Air intended with a 3-button plan that conveys everything recreational or specialized divers would ever require. It permits you four gases as far as possible up to 100% oxygen for unparalleled improved air plunging.

You will discover the recently joined 2-D advanced compass and air-coordination show incredibly advantageous, permitting you to discard those additional measures on your comfort. The vision takes into consideration three plunge modes, which are air, nitrox, or free diving modes.

The vision additionally includes a programmed height change up to 14,000′ (4,367 meters). No more changes simply drive up the mountain to your preferred lake and oceans.

No matter where or how far you are going to dive, the new Subgear XP Air computer can keep you protected with new, creative, and an oversimplified menu system. The dive PC is perfect with both PC and Mac PCs for downloading the dive log by means of the provided USB link. 


  • Severe full stage decompression capabilities 
  • Intended with a replaceable battery with sealed compartments


  • The tank pressure can only be seen from 0-360 bars.

Scubapro Dive accessories:

Scubapro LED Smart + Transmitter:

One of the easiest ways to get advanced and reliable air integration while diving is to get a Scubapro LED Smart + Transmitter with a dive computer. Appreciate the comfort of the air mix without the issue of a dangling hose. It screws into a high weight port on your first stage and transfers tank weight and genuine staying base time (RBT) to the PC screen.

The most recent feature of these Scubapro Dive accessories is situated at the highest point in divers life. It gives you a gauge of weight when the main stage is appended to a tank. It informs you as to whether the tank has gas without expecting to initiate the PC.

Scubapro Galileo Luna/Sol Smart Tec/Z Scuba Computer, Transmitter battery kit:

You simply set up your diving hardware for the primary dive underwater. Whenever you press the initiation button on your Scubapro Uwatec air integrated dive computer, it experiences the analytic screen. You can see no air pressure problem.

Continuously pack a few extras, remember your Dive Light needs some as well. The Scubapro Galileo transmitter battery kit has a 3.0-volt CR-2 lithium cell. The battery is sold as a solitary and can spare a-plunge when you need it most. Keep away from island costs with a new battery kit. 

Scubapro Dive Computer
best Scubapro Dive Computer
10 best Scubapro Dive Computer
Top Rated Scubapro Dive Computer
alternative scuba drive watch
Scubapro Dive Computer reviews
Scubapro Dive accessories

Scubapro Uwatec Aladin Prime, One & Tec 2G Battery Kit:

Battery kit by Scubapro uwatec is made for deep ocean divers.  An underwater experience of the symptomatic screen and see the “Low Batt” Icon display. The awful thing that can occur on a tropical excursion has simply happened with no dive computer. Try not to depart on a get-away without an extra battery pack, why ruin an incredible occasion on account of a couple of dollars in batteries.

In case you’re arranging a Dive Vacation, this is an absolute necessity for your Save-a-Dive Kit. Stay away from Island costs with a compatible uwatec Prime battery kit. All of the battery kit components are new and provide the flexibility of usage.

Scubapro Regulator Tech Dive bag Black

The Regulator Tech Dive bag is made with a 420D nylon and 450D tear stop. The Scubapro bag ensures your controller, measures, and plunge PC are secured for your next excursion. You can easily carry the controller bag to the vessel or seashore utilizing the cushioned handle and shoulder tie.

The 2.4-Gallon controller bag incorporates a twofold slider zipper for getting to the fundamental compartment and a straightforward zippered pocket for storing the dive logbook. Regulator Scubapro estimates 14 by 10 inches, which is imported from the USA.

Scubapro Top 4 Alternatives:

Oceanic GEO 2.0 Wrist computer watch:

The Geo 2.0 is the latest wrist computer watch that is a nearly seamless integration of the dive computers and a wristwatch. Those people who love to have two in one dive watch would love to buy this alternative scuba drive watch.

The current time triggering allows the dives to make sure their body will remain in a safe place underwater. You will get great display menus that will show and also record your dive data accurately. Overall this dive computer holds everything that a diver needs in their computer watch.


  • It is suitable for freediving while navigating.


  • It is difficult to read on a light color display.

Shearwater Teric Dive computer:

The Shearwater Teric is Shearwater’s first invasion into a watch-sized plunge PC. It has all the primary modes you need, including recreational and in any event, freediving. In contrast to certain PCs, the freediving mode hasn’t been included as a suspect. It is intended to address the issues of even elevated level serious freedivers.


  • Have an incredibly customizable display 
  • Very easy to use and read
  • Have advanced Configurable algorithm


  • There will be no heart rate monitor.

Garmin Descent MK1 dive computer:

If you want a new innovative dive computer and a decent tool that can take you from underwater to a top of the mountain then, choose the Garmin MK1 dive computer. You can also check and monitor your dive data and emails along the way. It is best for technical and advanced divers to have this dive computer. Almost four great modes are available in this dive computer are Air, Nitrox, Trimix, and Gas Switching. 


  • Have all smartwatch capabilities
  • GPS is compatible which shows the new divers best direction


  • There is no air integration feature.
  • Provide limited depth for up to 328 depths

Mares Puck Pro Dive computer:

The Puck Pro is Mares’ second era Puck computer that was presented in 2008. The Puck Pro dive computer is a simple to-utilize and natural interface. The Pro form expands upon this establishment while as yet keeping up a profoundly serious value point.

Its nitrox mode has height alterations, can be utilized in measure mode and has a backdrop illumination. It gives all of you the information you require for standard recreational plunging.


  • Have a clear and huge display
  • Can adjust the diving algorithm underwater


  • No depth alarms
  • No feature of air integration

Things to consider while buying Top Rated Scubapro Dive Computer:

Latest dive computer:

 Most releases of top-rated Scubapro Dive Computer have the latest tech, for example, GPS and heart rate screens. All things considered, these dive wrist computers aren’t an item you’re probably going to redesign frequently.

Peruse this present reality client surveys to ensure that new highlights are authentic upgrades. You can pick the Shearwater Teric, and Suunto D5 as our top picks mostly in light of the fact that their firmware can be redesigned after some time.  

Do Divers recommend it?

Always consider that real client reviews are the best ways to decide whether the item is good or not. Always choose quality over money. Some recent releases will clearly have less surveys. The majority of the new models are steady overhauls over past PCs, so surveys of more established ages are regularly helpful as well. 

Integrated Air:

Do you need to see all your Scubapro dive computer information? Indeed you have to do this by yourself. When you have an air-integrated computer, diving with measurements feels like you are living in the old generation? Numerous more advanced transmitters work similarly also with new dive PCs. 


The Scubapro latest dive wrist computer should be natural and simple to utilize. Most older dive Scubapro computers are more established. Rather they are expensive PCs but serve the best features as well.


The display screen of these dive computers should be splendid, and the content that is presented on the screen is easy to read. Having a simple and easy to read screen is a preferred feature that every diver should want.   


When you’re paying many dollars, divers expect the PC body to look incredible. They all need an agreeable fit and current interface plan. For instance, if you love technical color and appreciate making plunge shades, there’s consistently the Scubapro Ratio iDive watch.  

Battery life:

As a beginner, you need a dive computer that reveals great battery life. A few PCs sound great by announcing a replaceable battery with a screen splendor. However, you’ll need a brilliant screen while you’re plunging. For example, the Scubapro Galileo watches have a replaceable battery that you may need to charge on a daily premise while you’re jumping.  

Bluetooth network:

If you need to download your dive data and logs to an application or PC, or do simple firmware refreshes, solid Bluetooth availability is an incredible element. 

Final verdict:

Choosing the right type of best Scubapro dive computer depends on which type of features you need in your dive wt computer watch. Oceanic and Garmin are the two Scubapro computers that have all the advanced features any diver needs to begin their diving journey. You will get multi-functional buttons and displays to make the dive watch more defined and contrast.

Most people in Scubapro Dive Computer reviews recommend having an air integration feature that makes their dive computer more reliable and solid. To begin with your technical diving journey, you must have to manage your body temperature underwater. 

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